A trip down memory lane…

Today I got into thinking what a wonderful and fun life I’ve had so far and thought, “hey! Why don’t I highlight some of the outstanding or funny events that I remember happened when I was a little girl?”

So here you are:

I have three earliest memories which happened when I was like 2 or 3.

My very first one is I think happened when I was like two that I had this super cool ducky (hmm, I can’t remember his name… from Disney…he was the friend of Mickey Mouse… AH YES! Doland!) that was like a little car and I would drive with him all over the place. Well, in the home there was this small hill and I used to climb up to the very top and roll down with my super ducky. It was SO much fun! Then one day the adults told us we couldn’t go up there anymore, I was like “Huh? What do they mean I can’t roll down on my ducky!?”
I forgot later though and I went up my little hill and rolled down. Ahhh! Such adrenaline!

“Weeeee!” I was laughing and squealing.

“WINDY!?!?!” a voice yelled.

“Uh oh!”

“What do you think you’re doing?” Uncle Simon came marching at  me. (haha I can remember him SOOO well :D)

He yanked my arm and got me off my ducky, “We told you, not to get on there anymore!”  and then gave me a spanking. “Don’t you ever do that again, understood?”

I started crying, I had NO idea what was going on and was all confused of why he had spanked me just for going down that hill. I found out, many years later by my mom that his son had done the same thing and had a pretty serious accident. Because of that, they didn’t let us children roll down that hill anymore…sigh…

Another one that I KNOW happened when I was two (mainly because Sunny was still a baby) was when we were opening our Christmas presents and I got this beautiful, big dolly, and…she was mine! I was so happy when I finally tore the rapping and saw the box with the doll smiling back at me from behind the transparent, plastic cover. Suddenly, everyone started yelling, “Rompelo! Rompelo!” (translated literely: break it! Break it! What it actually meaned for me to do: Tear it! Tear it! )
They were talking about the box so I could get the dolly out, but I thought they were talking about the dolly! Hahaha, I started sobbing SO hard. “They want me to break my dolly! I barely got it!!!”  I remember that thought crossing my head. My mom finally explained what they meant and I stopped crying and sort of smiled for the photo’s, though you can still see my tear stained cheeks.

My earliest memory I think is this one. I’ve asked my parents when it happened though they don’t remember anything of the sort. I know for sure it happened though, I remember it so much. It isn’t all very clear though and parts of it are very fuzzy, but I definitely remember going to this beautiful log cabin in the woods where we stayed for I don’t know how long. I even remember going into the forest with other kids and an adult and we found this old, run down cabin. I really wanted to go inside but after they said the words “spiders” and “bugs” I recoiled back in fear. We didn’t explore it.
The next thing I remember is being super thirsty and looking around for water. Then I found this mug in front of the fireplace that had coffee in it and I drank it down because I was so thirsty. After that I remember going out of the room while an adult was walking in (I don’t remember who but I definitely remember it was a guy) He yelled out loud, “HEY! Who drank all of my coffee!?!?” I ran out of the room as fast as my two little legs could take me. Hahaha

Another one of my earliest memories was again when I was like three or two.
Back in the old days when instead of having DVD’s we had video cassettes, the older kids and teens were going to watch a special movie for video night, but since the heads of the machine were dirty they had brought a bottle of alcohol to clean it. Again, I remember being super thirsty and the alcohol was in a bottle of water, so obviously for a little kid, white liquid + water bottle= water! I crawled to where the bottle was and started glugging it down.

“NOOO WINDY!” came the unanimous yell from everybody in the room.
I turned around all confused, I had no idea why they had screamed at me! I remember I got so scared I started crying and crying. I was thirsty and they didn’t let me drink the “water”! One of the girls hugged me and told me it was okay and carried me over to my mom. After that, I can’t remember what happened.

hmmm…lets see what else…

Oh yes! I remember when I was like four I got a beautiful, pink Barbie car! Oooh!It was my dream come true! Best part: It was a remote control car!!! I was SO happy and excited you have NO idea…I remember my world used to revolve around Barbie and Ken.
Well, a few months later we moved to Juarez and my second oldest brother had gotten this HUGE shepherd dog, (I remember I was so excited, I thought he was Peepers! haha) and they asked us if we could take care of him for a while. After the beginning sparkle went away (mainly after finding out that he couldn’t talk, thus, wasn’t really Peepers) I was TERRIFIED by that dog, main factor being he was SOOO BIG. He was still a puppy so he wanted to play with me but it looked more like we wanted to eat me! hahaha
Well, back to my point, one day when I went outside to get my dear Barbie car that I had left out the other day in the patio…. I was shocked to find it TOTALLY DESTROYED. The big shepherd dog had munched on it like piece of candy!  After that, I wasn’t afraid of him anymore. I was SOOOO MAD at him, I hated him, he had destroyed my precious Barbie car. Oh how I cried when I found out my car would never run again.

Speaking of Peepers, I just remembered another story that happened when I was around 3 1/2 and we still lived in Morelia. There was a new arrival to the home which was this girl who had come all the way from Japan. I remember she told me that she had met Uncle Jim from Treasure Attic. I was totally flipped!

“You mean, you meet Peepers and Bunny Bigword too!?!?!” I was jumping up and down. “Oh, did they talk to you?”

hahaha Obviously, that was before I knew they were only puppets. She played along with me and told me all about their adventures. She was my favorite aunty from them on. 😀

Also when I was around 4 I also used to LOOOVE carrots…my weakest point right now…I really cannot handle them. Me and another kid named Jimmy, who also happened to be my first crush, (hee hee) would sneak out of the house during quiet time and go to this porch, where they had this thing for cookouts and was where they kept all of the provision, and we would eat carrot, after carrot, after carrot. The coolest thing was, THE ADULTS NEVER CAUGHT US!!! Haha though it was quite a mystery for them where all the carrots where disappearing too. 😀 I remember it was during this time that me, Misty and Sunny would go out to the back and eat dog and cat food. Ha! I know you’re all grossed out, but they actually tasted pretty good!

Now to my memories in Juarez:

Try as I might, I have NEVER been able to remember meeting Sunny, Misty or Annie for the first time. AT ALL. I don’t even remember Sunny as a baby. One odd thing though is that I remember so clearly the night before my mom arrived with Annie. They had gone to the hospital and me Beauty, Sunny, and Misty prepared my parents room for their arrival. Haha, I even remember putting this baby picture of a Unicorn on a small stool near my mom’s bed for the baby.

After that, heaven knows. At least my dad has us meeting Annie on tape…I see it, but I really can’t remember it happening….AT ALL.

Now for scary things.
When I was little, ages 3 to 8,  Me, Sunny and Misty were absolutely TERRIFIED of this Kiddy Viddie song of “El gato exepcional” (I don’t know what it’s called in English, but it’s the one about this black cat and a guy.) Ugh, that video gave me the most horrible shivers, it was so creepy! One time, when I was six or five, we were watching the kiddie viddie that had that song in it, and I knew when it was coming up next, so at the end of the song before that one I quietly slipped away to my parents room covering my ears till I got there, leaving Misty and Sunny behind. A few seconds later I remember them screaming and crying across the room. My mom quickly ran to see what was going on. She comforted the girls and fast forwarded the song.

In a conversation I recently found out that Sunny and Misty remembered that one time too.

Sunny said, “Oh yeah! I remember you got up all stiff and with this weird face. I saw you going out of the room, wondering why you were leaving us. Then I looked back at the TV and saw the song starting and Misty and I started crying so hard!”

Oh, then came when I got chicken pox. That was one of the worst times in my life!
Till I was like ten I use to be SOOO afraid of the dark and sometimes when I was in my bed I would see this lion walking toward me, in a real slow and creepy way. I just knew he wanted to finish me off! He was just so scary! I was troubled by this since I was like six till I was around nine. So imagine my terror when I had to sleep, BY MYSELF! Oh, it was horrible. I had these two big dolls, one a redhead and one a blondie, like the ones they still sell that have these ENORMOUS cheeks. These dollies, however, were almost my size! During the nights I would “comfort them” telling them that everything was going to be okay, that Jesus was with us and that the lion would go away…all the time actually comforting myself haha. But one thing that really highlighted my chicken pox days and made me happy was that my grandma sent me a letter all the way from Zamora…I still have it to this very day! It was the very first letter that I received that was officially mailed to me.

When I was six I watched Jesus of Nazareth for the very first time. I was SO flipped out with Jesus and all the cool things he was doing, then came the part of his crucifixion. When the part came where they buried him in the tomb I covered my face in my hands and started sobbing my heart out. My mom came close, hugged me and asked me what was the matter.

“Oh mommy,” I cried, “I didn’t want Jesus to die!”

“Oh don’t worry sweetheart! Look sit with me and lets watch to the end of the movie.”

In the end I was totally thrilled and happy to know that Jesus had risen and was still very much alive!

Well, those are some stories that I remember of my childhood. I would tell you some more, but it’s time for me to get ready for my dancing class…so… Cornflakes!!! (haha inside joke..)


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5 Responses to A trip down memory lane…

  1. Pancrasia says:

    AWW Windy! Man! I loved this post. Hehe, was like re-living all these things with you. Awww, I know, Till I was 12 my whole world revolved arounf barbies and kens and anything that had to do with it. It was like my obsession. I should try to remember all my silly stories too. :O, you lived in moreliaa… you nevaa told me. Love you Wind.. This was definently amusing, had a lot of fun reading this muah!

  2. Flo says:

    Haha this is so funny

  3. Windy says:

    Yes, “PANCRASIA” …ahem… I lived in Morelia a LOOOONG time ago.
    I’m glad you girls had fun 😀

  4. Susan says:

    Loved these stories!! So cute and funny!!
    That scary song is called The Amazing Cat, btw. Funnily enough, my 3-year-old brother loved it. But I know a lot kids got spooked…I think that’s why they cut it out of later versions of the Kiddie Viddie. 🙂

  5. Windy says:

    Haha SERIOUSLY!?!? He must be one tough kid 😛
    Yeah, I think that’s why 😀

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