Prayer is like having superhuman power, where you can travel through space and time
to fight on behalf of someone who is battling in one part of the world, while assisting
someone to win a soul in another part of the world, at the same time helping to restore
unity or resolve a problem in another part of the world.

The work you accomplish through your prayers and through working in the spirit will
be remembered through eternity and by those in Heaven. It’s one of the amazing feats
that will be displayed in the Hall of Warriors—your prayers and all that changed as a
result. So learn how to hone the spiritual weapons, how to get a lot more accomplished by
working in the spirit, and how to become a superhero in the spirit.


About Windy

Ha! You want ME to describe myself in a 140 word box??? Think again! Just go to the "About Me" section and find out more!
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One Response to Prayer

  1. Estie says:

    Ahhh nice reminder! TYJ for giving us such powers and all wow.. i hadn’t seen it his way for oh so long! thanks for this 🙂

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