Semana Santa!

Yay! THE awaited post is finally here!

Let me start at the beginning:

I was originally going to go on a trip with Maria to visit my dear Sandy and Steph for Semana Santa vacations, I was super excited as I would be seeing them for the very first time! I presented my request to H.C. and they said yes, but also mentioned this witnessing activity in Tampico. When I heard my heart wanted to leap out of my chest…for some strange reason I was super excited and really wanted to go, but since I was already going to Morelia during that time I set the thought and feelings aside. The next day I chatted with Sam and he asked me if I would go, I said I probably wouldn’t but he made it sound like so much fun, I was torn inside as of what to do. So I decided to leave it in the Lord’s hands.

Lo and behold, the next day after that I get ahold of Maria and found out that the plans to go to Morelia had been canceled, so I was free to go to Tampico! I prayed about it and after getting the a-okay from the Lord I asked if it would be possible if I could go with the team and they said yes! PTL!

So, I started packing and making sure everything was in order. On March 31st we left in the wee hours of the morning (around 5:30) and headed of toooo: TAMPICOO!

EEE! I was so excited as I hopped into the back seat and got comfy for our loooong trip. I was happily dozing off in the car when suddenly, WHAAM! One moment I was in the seat and the next I was shooting straight up in the air! OWWW man! I cracked my neck so hard as I bumped into the car roof. (the great advantages of being tall…grumble…)

“Everybody okay back there?”


Oh….that is supposed to be funny? UGH!…people…

You see, we hit a bump at about 80 km an hour which sent the car rocking and me flying off like a rocket. I was SOOO sorry for having chosen the back seat after that though, during the whole trip I was so tense I wasn’t able to sleep, sleep,  and we probably hit 3 or more bums like that at the same speed and others not quite as fast but the air got knocked out of me every time we went over a bump. (I think the car really needs new shocks…) But beside that it was cool. OOOOH! and let me tell you another of my woes: Okay, so, there were like 1.000 gasoline stations (a.k.a. bathrooms) during a part of the trip, so every time we stopped by one Gabe would ask, “Bathrooms anyone?” and the answer would be no. OH well, to add to my luck, when I DID need to got to the bathroom (You guessed it!) THERE WERE NOOO BATHROOMS!

Ugh, I think my body does things like this to torment me on purpose. humph! 😛

Okay, ummm…I think that was the last of my woes during the trip.

OOHHH! and we FINALLY ARRIVED! I was so happy when they told us we were there!

Hahaha, I just remembered. During the trip Alex gave me some kisses chocolates in repay for me giving him 10 pesos to buy something and I had the glorious idea of putting them on my jean pocket…ahem, yes, that would be someone like me to do something like that…

Well, we arrived at the house and for some random reason that I can’t remember, I stuck my hand inside my pocket, ehh…yeah, bad idea, and it came out all gooey and black.

“Awww man! My chocolates!” and to my joy, it was saying hello to everyone time! EEEE! I quickly remembered I had a napkin on my other jean pocket and was able to wipe it off just in time, SAAAAVED! whew!

We were shown to our rooms and they told us that we could go eat dinner if we wanted to. I was super full so I didn’t eat anything, but I was SOOO thankful I wasnt’ going to have to sleep in a tent outside or something. Oh! And then came even more hellos. I got to see all these old friends I hadn’t seen in ages and my dear cousin Hepsie who I hadn’t seen in 7 years! When one of the girls in the home showed us our room and told me that some girls were going to room there too and were coming for Monterrey I was like EEEE! WHO!? \ “Oh, Sayuri and Hepsie,” I almost jumped up and down for joy. Our hello went sort of like this:

Hepsie was sitting down at the table eating.

Me: “OMG!!! Hi Hepsie!!!” went and hugged her.

She looks at me like huh? But is super polite and hugs me back.

“Who are you?”

“Oh! I’m so sorry, I thought you recognized me, I’m Windy”


“hahaha yeah, I’m not 9 anymore.”

We hugged again but this time laughing and exclaiming how good it was to see each other. I then got to meet Stephanie, Sayuri, Esther, and Julie and see Anaik, Sam, Steve, and Kevin again. It was a blast getting to know that all of them were there! TYJ!

When we all went to our rooms for bedtime, me, Hepsie and Sayuri had some “girl time” which was awesome! We also got to take some pictures, like these below:

Trying to be oh so cool 😛


Cousins!!! (hahaha try not to mind our sleepy eyes :D)


Wahahaha! My eyes are bigger than yours!!!


Awwww squish! (heh, I KNOOOW they’re not the best pictures but…to give you an idea of our night. :D)

Our awesome tummies! 😉

Pretty Sayuri! I miss you …sniff…

My beautiful friends!


Hahaha crazy girls!


Awww sweeters!

“OH! So you want to fight?!?” 😛


Awww Te amo yo tambien!






The next day we woke up at 8a.m. had breakfast, folded a gizillion tracts, and headed off to the living room for some devotion time and a wee bit of finding out what we would do that day. During that time uncle Chris said something about that he was going to run for the president of the USA. We all laughed it off and I thought no more about it…oooh! but later!… You’ll find out what I mean.

Folding tracts!

CHEEEESE! Our awesome team!

(oh, PS….I didn’t notice how teeny the pictures really were till later. If you want to see them bigger just click on them 😉 )

After some pictures and changing into our “Abrazos Gratis!” (Free hugs) shirts we climbed into the van and headed off toward the beach! We made a bathroom break at Wal-mart where we bought some buckets we would use for fund-raising. Then we had a gasoline break and a few minutes after that a small break to wait for the other vans that had been caught up in a red light. Geeeesh! Talk about breaks man! I was wondering if we would ever get to the place… 😛

FINALLY we made it at the beach and around this mermaid statue we got off the car and went free hugging, passing out tracts and witnessing while we found a place to settle and park.

Thank the Lord we found this super sweet guy (photo above) that let us use the parking space behind his restaurant for free! By then it was already lunch time so we prepared some bolillos (bread) and made some ham sandwiches before continuing on our day.
Once we finished our sandwiches I started painting some of the people from our team, like Nikki here:

An Alex here:

Hahaha you should have seen Esther’s face and how excited she was when she saw Alex’s shoulder.


Me, Sayuri, Hepsie, Steph, and Nikki!
(I personally don’t like this picture… 😦 but it’s the only one where we’re all together so…)

Once we were done we went to the front of the parking lot and gave out free hugs and some of us advertised while holding up signs and dancing on top of a van that they had prepared especially for that.

This picture is just SOOOO awesome! Don’tcha think?


Uncle Chris and Julie with the sound system.


Sayuri, giving out free hugs! (haha that first day was SOOO me….windy, if you get what I mean 😀 )


Free hug???


It was so inspiring seeing people’s faces light up with a hug!

Manu and me.

Okay, now here comes the scary part…. Okay, so after free hugging we went off to the beach where we would be singing and dancing to the War No More song and promote peace, now, that wasn’t scary THAT was actually quite fun. What was scary, or at least, a little embarrassing was when uncle Chris said that he was going to do his presidential speech.

“What!!?!” I imagine crossed many people’s minds.

“And after that, I’m going to jump off the …. and you’re all going to catch me okay?” Hahaha, well, not as junky, he used fancier words, but to cero it down, that’s what he meant.
So he went ahead and sayed his presidential speech of how he was going to run for president of the United States, take the troops back to Iran, make peace with Mexico, etc. etc. Which I mean, would have been good if the wind hadn’t been so hard. You see, our sound system wasn’t super powerful and with the wind distorting the sound, it was even worse, but PTL! Oh, and also, in the end he didn’t jump off because everybody else had run off witnessing and only a few, not enough to catch him, had stayed behind.

Hmmm….talking about it, it doesn’t really seem all that scary at al! 😀

Well, to finish off day one we went around singing and dancing War No More for a while and personally witnessed to people. Supposedly, that day we were supposed to have gone back earlier to practice our Everything skit, but ended up leaving like at 7 or so. Once we were done at the beach we went fundraising for a bit, asking car’s passing by for donations to help our missionary work, it went pretty good TYJ! And our team won for like about 2 pesos more! hahaha!

We got back home and a great dinner awaited us: Spaghetti!!!and to think I used to absolutely hate spaghetti…weird. I know.  I won 31 souls that day.

Ohhhh! and after dinner, we practiced our Everything skit till like 12:00 pm or something. Let me tell you how the roles played out:

Main girl:Mariana;
Manu: Money;
Druggie: Sayuri;
Drunkard: Hepsie. Later Julie took her place when Hepsie went back home;
Model and bulimia: Esther of course! (because of the model body, not the other thing!)
and lastly Suicide…you’ll never gues…ME! Wahaha!
Originally I WASN”T going to be suicide for the main factor that I’m too…sweet looking…ugh! I was going to be Miss Money-Bling-Bling and Manu was going to be suicide. But in the end everybody voted for me to be suicide since money was more simple for Manu and I already knew what to do for suicide. Oh well….

Heh, actually, to tell you a secret I was SOOO HAPPY! Hahaha I know it’s random, but I’ve been wanting to be scary all my life! …not that I was all that much but I got to play the part of someone who IS scary…score?
Oh, if you want to see some videos of the skit click here: Everything Skit
Thank the Lord we were able to set it up in record time! Like two hours in the night and another 2 the following day, ptl!

The next day went along pretty much the same the only difference being that I painted faces for fundraising and we did War NO More to attract the people then did the skit. It was super fruitful and through it we were able to win like around 400-500 souls! THANK YOU JESUS!



Lucky Fran!

Beach View!

Hepsie’s Sexy back and hair while you get a look at the beach!

Cool Gabe!

Oh, and I won 10 souls this day!
Day 3: Maaan! I was SOOO tired that day, but it was really fruitful. One highlight of it was that me and Steve got left behind by the main vans carrying all the people, just the van where we put all the equipment was left and there wasn’t a whole lot of space. So we quickly ran trying to catch the van that had JUST left. After running for a block we catched up with Celeste’s car who called Uncle Chris and told him we were running after him and to come back for us. All I can tell you next is that….it was ONE SQUISHY drive! I traded between sitting on Kevin’s lap, then to the seat, then to Steve’s lap. It was really fun though and even though it was all squishy we were able to chat and joke around. While we were stopped at a store (to get our lunch for the day) People had the grand idea of throwing each other orange peels in the car. It was so funny how David kept getting them inside Steve’s ear EVERY TIME! Then, I got fooled…like this:

Kevin: “Hey Windy! You have something right there in your teeth.”

Me: “Where?”

Kevin: “Right there, open up your mouth.”

Me: “Where? Here?…….AHHHH KEVVIIIIIIN!!! GROOOSS!!!”

Meano Kevin. Can you believe what he did??? While I was obeying and opening my mouth he got an orange peel, aimed and hit the bull’s eye: My mouth. UGhHH horrible! I’ll give him this though, just the fact that he actually got it in deserves some sort of ummm….clap, clap?

After sitting in the heat of the car for around 20 minutes we headed toward the beach again, parked at our spot and things went along like other days had: Free hugs, dancing on top of the van holding signs, witnessing and our skits.

Free hugging! Oh, and all these people prayed with me to receive Jesus too! yay!

Mariana, giving the Lord’s love through a hug!

“Hola! Quieres un Abrazo Gratis??”

Yes, I know, I know this picture looks a little weird, but no. I’m just hugging they guy! Ooh! And see his lil’ kids in the back??? they wanted a hug too! haha so cute!

We also had our biggest War No More circle. Not this one, but just so you know what I meant by the peace circle.

AWWW MAN! But that day….Horrible. We were doing our skit and then right smack in the middle of the part where the girl is trying to go back to Jesus, THE SONG STOPS, AND SKIPS BACK TO ANOTHER SONG!
Okay, well as any person who has acted before knows, YOU GO ON WITH THE SHOW! BUUUT…these guys didn’t and most of them stopped and looked up like “WHAT?!?!?!” while I was like, “guuuuys keep on going!”
In the end we did it all over again, starting from the begining…..but AGAIN!
This time though, it stopped just as I was going to come out. I told everyone to keep on going and we finished the skit without our song. It went good though it was super embarrassing and later on we split up and did some personal witnessing.
We found out later that the battery had died…well, more like it ran out, but they were able to put an extra one and we did one more show at the end of the day. I won 12 souls personally today.

For a special activity, we had dance night! Whohoo! it was fun!

Day 4: Hepsie left today in the morning… sniff…I’ll miss her… Julie is such a sweety and will take her place as a drunkard in the skit.
Same as the other days, today went smoothly and thank the Lord, we didn’t have any more sound issues! I got 13 souls this day and today was also the record for most skits preformed. 😉 it was a blast!
Here are some shots of the skit:

On this last day I was able to win 13 souls for a 66 total of all the days together.

As usual, all fun things must come to and end..sniff…. Re-packing all my stuff, trying to find this and that took most of my night….well, not all of it. Since it was our last night we watched two movies (Penelope which was SOO FUN! and Pocahontas), saw the pictures of the event and chatted till 3:40.

“Just around the riverbed!…. JUST AROUND THE RIVER BEEEND!”

Haha sorry, I just got reminded of something funny that happened as we were trying to decide what movie to put on.

I was so glad I got to go, see all my old friends and meet new people! It was an experience I would not trade for anything! Thank you Tampico Home for organizing such a fun and fruitful event! xoxoxoxox


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10 Responses to Semana Santa!

  1. Flo says:

    Cool, seems like you had fun! And OMG, I met Sayuri at the first Oc camp I went to, and at that time I did’nt have an e-mail… it was so hard for me to remember her name. Could you say hi to her for me?

  2. 2wildwindyheart says:

    Sure thing!

  3. rickyfd says:

    It’s not fair!!! I want a free hug, you know, it’s getting hard to be hugged for free =P

  4. Susan says:

    Awww boy, that looks like such fun!! Great pics! I want a hug too!! *hugs*

  5. niki says:

    Aww, that looks like soo much fun…I’m jealous! hehe
    That’s so cool, I love doing Free Hugs!
    Next time I’ll tag along with you…k?

  6. Estie says:

    Ahh so fun so fun! And i should have been there -pouts- oh well next time maybe? (oh evil school of the devil!)
    Hey I want to free hug (oh believe it or not i have never been free hugging :O :O cause when we wet to cervantino i donated my free hug sign to my brother who needed it more then me… sigh) oh well gash GBY girl! it takes courage to go and witness like that (really bottle-breaking… at least for me 😀 ) I should have been there (yeah Est, keep telling yourself that) ghehee love you girl!

  7. Windy says:


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