These past few days have been going by as if in a blur… I can’t believe we’re on April 7th ALREADY!!! GAAAH! I mean, at this pace, tomorrow it’ll be Christmas! OR SCARIER YET! I’LL BE SEVENTEEEEEEN!

Ahem, as you can tell, I have issues with age…Lord help me!

No, but seriously! I’m doing better…I think? At least I’m not freaking out that I’m …OMG! I’M SIXTEEN!?!?!? HOW DID THAT HAPPEN!?? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

…..heh, sorry…

No, no! very exciting days ahead indeed, and very exciting days have passed by too! Uh huh, uh huh! JUST THINK! This Friday I finally get to have MY VERY OWN COFFEE MUG! Awww shanks FLO! That definitely deserves five stars right there! You’ll be my friend forever! (wink!)

Ahhh and guess what!?!?! Okay, well, when I went to Tampico…the home…ACTUALLY HAD REAL COFFEE AND TORTILLAAAAAS! Wheeehoo!

Ahem, you see, the reason for my excitement is that in this home…everyone buys their own coffe and for the last few months we have been living on this sorta-not-yummy-tasting-instant-coffee NOT GOOD! And ahhh I was in heaven when I drank that wonderful cup of REAL COFFEE! I missed the smell of it too! Aha aha! AND they had TORTILLAS! In this home we have them once every blue moon… sniff… ALL WE HAVE IS BREAD! Humph!

Heh, heh… It’s sorta’ funny how mindsets change. As with Flo, back in Juarez we were like “Bread?!?! HORRAY! Oh, tortillas…okay…” And HERE it’s like this: “TORTILLAS!?!?! WAHOOOOO! and then:  Oh… we have bread again….?”

See what I’m talking about? ahhh…Lord help us…

Okay, another thing. I am setting this goal to be super-duper fit now and eat healthy! (NAAAW! REALLY?!? :P)

No, I’m serious, this asthma thingy is driving me NUTS and I’m going to do something about it! I read that a BIG reason for asthma is…. THAT’S RIGHT! Lack of Exercise! Also I want to become flexible and do all kids of cool stuf…OH OOOH! And guess what!?!? EEEEE! I’m sooo happy! I found out you CAN become flexible at any age! I’m not doomed for life! YIPEEE!
Of course, you really have to put your all into it and train every day… gulp! No, but I really, really want it, so I think I will be able to make it! Pray I dooo!

Also I want to be all strong so I can beat up my sisters and annoying guys! Nyahaha…noo…not really.
Just so that every time I change the big gallon of drinking water people don’t go: “GASP! WINDYYY! You’re not supposed to do that! You could get hurt! That’s a boy’s job!”

Geeee! Gimme a break! #1: I’m thirsty! #2: There WEREN’T any boys around and I wasn’t going to walk a kilometer trying to find them while I’m eating my breakfast! #3: They aren’t really heavy, and they weigh just as much as a speaker. SO there!

As you can see, I have VERY good reasons to start now, don’tcha think?

One thing that I also need to do SERIOUSLY! Is start to drink more water. I have gotten my body into a horrible habit of lasting a whole day on just one measly little cup of water. NOT GOOD! So, I’m going to buy myself a drinking bottle and set an alarm to get my lazy mouth into the bottle and drink up! yaaay for meeee! heh, heh

Okay, enough of me and my boring talk of fitness. Sorry if I totally bored you out of your wits there…
OOOH! But don’t take it the wrong way and stop visiting my blog!…please? awww thank you! I promise to love you forever!

OOOOH! And ANOTHER announcement! (Don’t worry, keep on reading, this is NOT of me wanting to be healthier anymore! 😀 )

GUUUUYS! I have eagerly been going on every day to check my email to see if I have any super comments from you…and…sniff… during ALL this time of maybe 2-3 weeks I have gotten about 4 or 5 comments!
Are my posts getting to boring? If they are guys, TELL ME! I’ll try to do better, but pleasy weasy! I miss hearing from you guys and all your fun comments that actually made blogging worth it! I don’t care how long they are, as long as it’s so that I can know that you do visit and I’m not just writing to thin air! That feels…horrible!

Okay, SOOO enough of my complaining. A penny for your thoughts cuz I need to go! See ya!


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8 Responses to Wowies!

  1. Flo says:

    This Friday? Uncle Steven hasn’t come here yet……

  2. Sam Taco says:

    OMG!!!! Windy ur hillarious!!

  3. Misty says:

    Uum windy for ur INFO we had A LOT of tortillas when u were gone…. i guess ur just bad luck huh? 😛
    I kno! i cant believe you’ll be 17 next year! yikes! i mean 16.. pppfft! thats NOTHING! but seventeen! oh well… thats THE bad thing about growing up huh? but then again… when have I had AAANNY problems with growing up… huh? Oh well…

  4. 2wildwindyheart says:

    yeeeaaah…thanks Misty…I feel A LOT better now… 😦

  5. Nala says:

    aw cmon if i need drama in my life ur blog is the place i i’m lazy to comment, but i will once in a while for ur sake..luv u:*

  6. Stephanie says:

    Hahhahahhah! Nala! hahahha…if you need drama in your life?h haha, well said 🙂 I think 😛 I love you Winds! You know what, it is true, you’re quite dramatic, but you know in my head things work like that too, with all the exclamation points, sudden gasps of realization, great big news, epiphanies, etc..:-* I love you and that’s so awesome about flexibility (battes eyelashes) Hahah you’re so funny 🙂 So lovable! I love you. I always make my lil bro do the carrying water gallon stuff 😀 I think I need to be strengthened. I will pray for your battle against anti-fitness 😉 awww, I miss you! is it possible to do that:D?

  7. Estie says:

    Hahhaha you weirdoo!! i love you girl! man yeah 17 does seem like old… but hey i’m seventeen and omg i’m gunna be 18 this year!! i mean WHO ever turns 18?! see? no freaking out for you right? 😀 😀 i mena if anyone it should be me! hoho!
    yeeess its good to be healthy… i think i mean whatever right? lala oh and water yes, i gotta have water too! the water is good okei? … yeah just keep telling yourself that heheh it might work one day…
    oh yes, i have made a point of commenting and stuff but hey… time flies by and i type like 3 words per minute … eekk!
    I love you silliness!!

  8. Windy says:

    Hahaha I love you too girls!…thanks for understanding lil’ ol’ drama me 😀

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