(clears throat)

Here it goes…

Yesterday, we went hiking.
Nature has this oh-so-powerful way of moving me and making me feel super close to the Lord, like, you have NO idea.

It’s awesome! You get this feeling, (King Julian’s voice:) “sort of warm and tingly on de inside” and WHOOSH! Standing there on top of those mountains and seeing the FANTASTIC view below, really makes you stop and think: “Wow! What an amazing Creator!”

So, ahem, during these moments of mushy epiphany I came up with these…err…poems….

Please meet my pitiful attempts at poetry.

Hushed whispers through the silent trees,

The joyful sounds of birds, the humming of bees,

The rays of sun, casting shadows below,

The bubbling sounds of water on the rivers flow.

Magical aura of stillness, reaching through the depth of your heart,

Knowing the Lord’s presence will never depart

Closer still to Him you become, sitting on the grass and leaves

Oh, what a wonderful sensation, that of swaying with the trees.

Okay, okay….I know you’re laughing…but hey! I get at least a point on that, no?

Here we go again….

Oh glorious mountains, how you become,

God’s wonderful masterpiece His light sines from.

Over rivers and vallies, cities and towns,

From the glorious sunset to the breaking of dawn.

You stand there secure, unmoving and tall,

Proving God’s presence and love towards all.

Okay, so that’s enough of me and my mushy mood.

Oh Lord, help me to be positive…..

….I might delete this later…. πŸ˜›



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5 Responses to Huh?

  1. niki says:

    It’s beautiful!

  2. niki says:

    Windy did u write it?
    Or was it Sunny?

  3. 2wildwindyheart says:

    yeah, I wrote it πŸ˜€

  4. Estie says:

    Sweet!! I think someone has talent πŸ˜‰ you just have to take time to polish it up a bit πŸ™‚ I think this is awesome πŸ™‚ Love youu!

  5. Flo says:

    Hahaha not bad! (TOTALLY BETTER) than my foolish ones XD

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