Keep on Praying for baby William!

From Estie’s blog:

Guyss!! Just got news…. and updates on William…. Thank you sooo much to all of you out there praying for him! this means the world to me!!

So the main thing is this… he’s getting better… but he still needs a LOT of prayers both him and his parents…

Got a letter from Anim’s dad (who is with her at this time)… here’s an except of it…

Here’s the main points summarized for prayer request that we see at this time:

> Deliverance from this serious, life threatening skin disease

> For praise for the healing of wounds Jesus has performed already – an emaciated entire ear, raw & bloodied – now almost normal shape & the red soreness down to one tiny small spot; wonderful progress in the healing of a large, open, burn-type sore surrounding his belly button/umbillical cord tip – about 70% healed; his left leg, from the toe up to a little above his knee, raw to the point of almost being down to the muscle tissue – now healed aproximately 40- 50%

> Continued healing of present flesh wounds

> Against scarring, and body parts – hands, arms, feet & legs, fingers & toes etc. – losing range of motion as new skin tissue forms.

> Protection from side effects of morphine & pain killers.

> Against infection of any sort – our main enemy at this time – for miraculous protection for William’s vulnerable open wounds.

> Against the blisters reaching into William’s eyes & effecting his vision & sight.

> Against blistering in William’s mouth & throat, that could potentially make feeding extremely difficult.

> Against developing a diaper rash – which of course could be very complicated to deal with on top of everything else.

>For William’s health overall, against any sickness whatsoever. Even a simple cold could disrupt his eating, which is so very vital to his skin’s healing process right now.

> For the Lord & His spirit helpers to minister to William’s sweet spirit.

> For the staff & all of us to find the least painful & best way to dress & treat his wounds to aid in new skin tissue to grow (so far, the dressing changes have been pretty traumatic for the little fellow, and a real challenge to perfect – it was once daily, but now we’re trying every other day) and also maintain his comfort through the correct delicate balance of pain medicine. (update today: his dressing change went very well, and we were finished in a record time of only ONE hour, as opposed to FOUR hours of painful crying & screaming! – TYJ! And it was done with very little discomfort to William, and best of all, once the old dressing was removed, it revealed his skin tissues healing wonderfully!! – PLEASE keep praying, Dear Family!!)

> For continued good relations & unity with the staff. Also for witnessing opportunities with each of them.

>  For our sample & witness.

> For our physical & spiritual strength & stamina.

> For Anim’s continued faith, strength, peace & trust. She’s been an incredible sample to all of calm strength, and winning the respect & admiration of many, and the comment of one of the main Doctors saying he “is very impressed by her”.

> For good, feeding Word time, & personal time with Jesus.

> For Anim’s continued recovery from her childbirth – (which she did WONDERFULLY at)

> For the Lord’s supply & finances for personal needs & housing during William’s soon coming long-term care.

> For Ezra, of Anim, William’s daddy, to secure a visa to be able to come to the U.S. to join us & be with his family.

Just look at him… isn’t he the most adorable thing ever?! totally worth praying for 😉


You see guys? Prayer IS working! Let’s keep this prayer chain going, I KNOW the Lord will heal him compleatly!!!

Baby William, you will be all better soon, I can feel it! We will be praying for you sweety!


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3 Responses to Keep on Praying for baby William!

  1. Estie says:

    Thanks for this Winds… I love youu!!

  2. 2wildwindyheart says:

    I love you sweety! xoxox

  3. niki says:

    Ohhh PTL!
    It’s so wonderful no?
    The power of prayer…
    We love you soo much William and you will definitely continue to be in our prayers for as long as it is needed, (which hopefully will not be so long)

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