Okay, well, since one of my…good friends…told me that I should make funny posts again, I have decided that for his bennifit……I WON’T! MUAHAHAHA!

Naaaa, NOOO! I’m kidding of course, how could IIII do that to a friend?




Ummm……you would not belive what just happaned……

The chair, I was ermmm…..sitting on, just…..BROKE!!!!!


Hey! It was old okay?…..don’t look at me that way!

Okay, back to the subject. We had THE coolest conversation ever, which I’ll post the funiest parts of, but for( … )sake( ….) will stay annonymous! MY annonimous friend! Score?


Annonymous: Hey!

Me: hey, what’s up weird avatar!

Anonymous: do you know the band cold play?

Me: ehhh…..forgive my ignorance….but no I don’t


because they are super good… and most of their songs are about love and love and even more love
so did u have fun at your party?

Me: Awwww! So cute! You listen to that sorta stuff?…..(well ain’t that a surprise!…)
Yeah, it was fun. We laughed a lot.

Anonymous: question mark noted
you know i dont even know you that well
why are we even chatting?

Me: UUUUUU! In the gutt! haha…..ummm….cuz it’s fun?

Anonymous: Sometimes

Me: UGh! Leave me alone!

Anonymous: Gross cow noises

Me: Fluffy!

Anonymous: I love that nickname

Me: bark, Bark, BARK! remind me so much of him…Sigh…

Anonymous: I do that to calm babies here
Bark, that is.

Me: …….?

Anonymous: Is that all you’ve got?


hahaha jk JK!!!
Geesh, poor babies. They must be so scared.

Anonymous: Ahahaha
So what other exciting things do you do? For fun that is…
Now that I’m gone

Me: Ummm
Well, we swim, talk
do school
I mean, PSHH!
just LOADS of fun!

and sometimes we act like retards…that’s fun too
Anonymous: School???
Hahaha you must be pretty bored to do school for fun!


Anonymous: I’ve never seen you act like a retard, what sort of retardness you you inpersonate?

Me: ahh…what you’re missing…tsk, tsk, tsk

Ummm I dunno! For me it’s normal…but people say I’m a freak and the most randomest person… !

So, I dunno. You’ll have to see me get a sugar, food or water high one of these days to, ahem, understand.

Anonymous: Ohohohohohoh! I say that little lemon thingy on your blog.
But you hate candy

and sugar

because it’s devilish

and gives you piples

Me: pimples, PIMPLES!
I don’t hate sugar,
I hate candy!

Anonymous: Okay Mrs. dictionary

Me: Whohoo! Well that’s a first!

Anonymous: You should post more funny things like that on your blog. (Behold, the idea!)

Me: Yeah, I should. So hey! Thanks for the insipiration!

Anonymous: it’s a pleasure to be an “inspiration” tsk, tsk, tsk
What’s tsk, tsk, tsk? I don’t even know!

Me: You serious?!?!?!
Or are you just pulling my leg?

Anonymous: Is it sort of like giggles? hahaha

It’s like when you click your tounge and shake your head!

Anonymous: Ooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!


Me: I’ll definitely have to post that on my blog, sorry!

Anonymous: Finally! That makes sence….
pls don’t
that’ll make me too famous

Me: Ahem
Oh, sure, sure…

Anonymous: My laptop isn’t working

Me: Yeah! Go blame it on your laptop!

Anonymous. FINE! Be mean!
wtv you want, it’s your blog. Ignore all I said before.

Me: Fooorrrrgotennn!
You know, this conversation is just so cool. I should just post all of it on my blog too.

Anonymous: OMG…..I gtg.

Me: Oh, okay. Have fun!
Sleep with cute little angels
like Lena
and Fluffy
and me
wait! while we’re at it, shove my sisters in there too.

Anonymous: It’s actually not my bedtime…

Me: ugh, okay, but prett close to it, it’s the night anyway….

(Screeeech! Side note…ahem! Since I have become to bored and tired of writing anonymous I will write anony, okay?)

Anony: ok…now u’re just turning it on me.
You’re the one who sleeps like around 7 p.m.

sometimes 9:30 …..

Anony: OMG! That’s sooooo late!

Me: well….it’s later than dinner time…..GEEEE!

Anony: u know that sleeping too much is bad for u


Anony: ….dinner time….lol….

Me: I wake up at 6:30 to walk. You can’t pull that on me, that’s just 9 hours!

Anony: walk?

Me: Yeah….exercise, ever heard of it?

Anony: U sleepy head, you’ll live till you’re 180

Me: OMLoooord! God forbid!
Well yeah, duh! I’ll live forever!
oh well

Anony: that’s what hpns when u go to sleep early and wake up early

Me: it’s called “responsibility”
you see, you should be smart like me
Ooohhh….I’m such a good sample….

Hey, sooooo……you’re still leaving?

Anony: leaving???

Me: Yeah, didn’t you say you were somewhere up there?

Anony: Oh, no. I just don’t want to talk to you anymore b cuz you want to post this conversation on your blog.

Me: OOOOoooh! Hahaha I seee.
Geee! Fine!

Anony: hmmm….what if I say some bad words?

Me: I’ll post…half of it….

Anony: haha, I’m such a bad influence

tsk, tsk, tsk….

Me: Oh, yaaaay! You’re learning! Clap, clap, clap!
(Ooooh, I feel so proud of myself…. 😛 )

Anony: Remember nebuchanasser, tsk, tsk, tsk
Absalon tsk, tsk, tsk.

Me: Ooooh, that pride comes before fall type of thingy?

Anony: Yeah! tsk, tsk…oops….

Me: Hey, so, would you reeeeally mind if I post some of this conversation on my blog?

Anony: it wouldn’t make me happier….. 😦 but it’s your blog and you can do whatever you want. Just don’t mention my name, I can be an anonymous person!

Me: Okay! Cool!

Anony: hi 5!!

Me: Ring!!!

Anony: Not funny….

Me: eeeee! mommy!!!

Anony: Ok, I’ll let you sleep now because you are waaaay passed your bedtime.


Me: I shall

Anony: and sweet dreams

Me: yeah, I’ll dream with sugar!

Anony: and candy!


(shudders) now THAT would be a nightmear! Anyway, goodnight!

Anony: bye!

So there you have it! Now, was that fun, or was that fun?



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7 Responses to Advice…

  1. Anony says:

    Anyone can put the pieces together.. this is so not anonymous

  2. 2wildwindyheart says:

    ummmm….let’s see…..shall we?

  3. Estie says:

    LMAO!! gosh i laughed so hard while reading this hehehe whoever this Annoying… ahem cough i meant Anony is he’s awesome… btw you sould listen to Coldplay they ARE amazing!!

  4. meg says:

    I think I know who this is…ahh naw can’t be…humm although…who is it?:D

  5. Pingback: TOOOOT! | A drop of Sunshine…

  6. Meee your roomate! says:

    Haha Windy! This is like sooooooo obvious who it is 😛 Haha you suck Anony!!….jk i love you Windy! Be good!

    • 2wildwindyheart says:

      OMG!!! LAINEEEEE! EEEK! You finally here! haha
      I know! I thought it was obvious too!… but, so far, you’re the only one who knows who it is! HAHAHA
      (whispers) Not even his own SISTER knew who it was, lol!
      Hehe I love you too!
      Good? Me? Always! 😉 heh heh

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