Love is a wonderful, fun, exciting, dramatic yet unexplainable feeling.
How it comes, how it goes; When it comes, when it goes, we can never know.
But one thing that if for certain: If you have Jesus you have love.
Because Jesus


And it doesn’t get better than that! 

Love comes in so many ways, shapes, sizes, colors, and forms. Knowing that love is all around you is what keeps your heart beating. It’s what keeps you alive and makes life worthwhile. Because, in love, there is no “you” or “me”, there is only “US”; There is no “mine” or “yours”, only “OURS.”  There is no “my side” and “your side” but rather “OUR TEAM”
When love comes knocking at your door it walks right in, sweeps you off your feet and takes you to places you only dreamed of.
There are so many people to love and who can love you back: Friends, family, or  maybe even for some of you, that special someone who takes your breath away and makes up the other half of the orange you were missing.
And then, there is our love, saviour, and creator: Jesus. With his wonderful love, care and mercy, which He gives freely only asking  in exchange of our love and heart.
Sometimes I feel I don’t deserve him. How could He ever love someone like me? A little human with all the mistakes and shortcomings that come along with life. But,you see,  that’s the great thing about Him, because, He does!
No questions asked, no matter of all our past mistakes and fails. He takes us in, makes us whole, makes us…who we are. We’d be nothing but an empty shell without Him. Yet he takes that little empty you and fills us up to overflowing with His spirit and love.
As He does, we can also pour out to others. Let’s do it today! Love someone today. Hug someone today. Do a kind deed for someone today because pretty soon it will be tomorrow and the chance to have changed someone’s life could have come and gone, forever. Don’t keep it! Give it! Love isn’t love till you give it away!  Why not make someone else’s day brighter? His daily load  a little lighter? We have the biggest power in the universe at our fingertips=LOVE! Let’s make an explosion and flip the world upside down and out of its orbit in pure extasis, knowing that someone loves and cares for it. Why not try it? You just might like it!


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    Uuuu… I like it!…

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