Sorry guys! I would post the pictures of my birthday presents and party…..but I can’t find the cable to pass the pics to the computer!!! It’s so naughty, when I find it, I’ll give it a spanking! šŸ˜›

But I promise as soon as my dad gets back I’ll post them, okay? (cuz I think he took it… šŸ˜¦ )

Whoosh, today was BUSY! I woke up, went to devotions, did my JJT (FINALLY got off the job of picking poops..) got ready for school and realized: “MOM! CANDY!”

So I walked with Leila over to the place where they would cut her hair. Once that was done we came back home and it was…”BREAK TIME! Whohooo! score!

After recess my mom had to go to a meeting and wouldn’t be back till four. I needed help with math so I passed on to the subject I would have done tomorrow: Social Studies! And as you know, got 100% on the test, whippee!

Lunch time!: Can you believe Florence that we had chilaquiles for lunch?

After lunch I had to go for Candy which took me some time and once we got back I finished my quiet time and got a snack. Then I set out to clean my mom’s room and the bathroom….sigh…be proud of me! haha joking…. no, it was fun and I enjoyed it tons. I got into this sudden urge where I just HAD to clean something! …I know…weird.

Good news! I FOUND MY MOM’S MP3!!! we have been looking for it for ages, and I finally found it today, in her bag… hahaha

Oh, well. I would write more, but I have to go do dinner dishes!

Tooddles and nooddles!


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2 Responses to Arghhh!

  1. Misty says:

    jaja yah it was kindda funny when i heard that all we were ganna have for lunch was CHILAQUILES!! Its not like i dont like chilaquiles.. I actuall like them… A LOT! Oh well… after all… this home IS weird!! jaja šŸ˜›

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