First post…

This will be my very first long, none-picture, no announcement, post of my 16th year!

Hip, hip horraayyy! (Yes, hips DON’T lie! heheh….)

Wow! Lots has happened in a blur. I can’t believe I’m a decade and a half and a year old…that makes me sound….OLD! But hey, at least it’s not as dramatic…..yet… AND I get to drink coffee! ;D

Last year was amazing. I have no regrets, and if I could live it over…I would leave it pretty much the same! That’s not saying of course, that I wouldn’t want to be 15 again… now THAT would be awesome! Hey, maybe I’ll cheat….no? hahaha Naaa…actually being sixteen is good. Makes you able to look back and say, ”wow! 15 was a good year!” …because, it was!
On my 15th year I:

  1. Was able to see Victoria again after 6 loooong years!
  2. I got to have a really awesome quinceañera.
  3. Had my best friend write, dedicate and sing a song for me……Victoria! Te amo muchísimo y extraño un montón!
  4. Came out on TV!
  5. Was able to win lots of souls.
  6. Cut my hair for the very first time! (I don’t count the trims I’d had before…)
  7. Got my very first laptop.
  8. Learned photography….some anyway…
  9. Saw my dad’s side of the family again! I love you guys!
  10. Saw Mike and Zowie and their kids.
  11. Finished my Secundaria (Middle school/Junior High/7th, 8th and 9th grades. Take your pick!) With Flying colors! PTL!
  12. Learned to play a lil’ bit of drums….heee (I have been wanting to bang on those things ALL my life!)
  13. Learned to drive.
  14. Wrote my first song.
  15. Got a new car! (Not mine, but I get to use the benefits! ;D)
  16. Started my blog.
  17. Went to Zamora and Mexico City for the first time in 6 and 3 years! (Mex. city 3 years for me. For my sisters 10)
  18. Saw my cousins and uncles!
  19. Went to Kansas for a whooping-all-record-break of 4 times!
  20. Was able to be in my grandparents’ 40th anniversary.
  21. Went to stay at Nat and Amy’s house!
  22. Learned to dive.
  23. Met THE most amazing friends in the world! I love you girls and guys!
  24. Finished Echo with a very good score and won first place in souls around the world! PTL!
  25. Organized our very first garage sale
  26. Went to the Cervantino
  27. Received mega inspiring and heavy prophecies for people.
  28. Got to see Estie and Valentina at the Cervantino, who I hadn’t seen for YEARS! LOVE YOU GIRLS!
  29. Moved homes.
  30. Met new people.
  31. Went to my very first party-that-was-not-just-my-home’s-members-in-it and had fun!
  32. Provisioned a Gym
  33. Learned to do a back bridge
  34. Sorta learned how to do a cart-wheel, (AHEM! Very important okay?)
  35. Saw Smallville for the very first time. (umm…minor…)
  36. Got to live with a girl that’s fun and older than me although still around the same age: Lynette!
  37. Got to drink a WHOLE cup of coffee for the very first time in my life! Whopeee!…..ehhhh, I know…I got issues with coffee….
  38. Had a my very first Christmas outside El Paso and Juarez in 10 years!
  39. Saw The Passion of the Christ for the very first time and FELL IN LOVE WITH JESUS ALL OVER AGAIN!

Wow…..I have so much to be thankful for…..
Gosh, I hadn’t realized how much really happened during this year! And that’s just some of the most ”outstanding” ones…not to mention all the little special things that happened too! It seemed like it was so short, yet I was able to squish in all that good stuff! Thank you Jesus for your love!
Truly, my fifteenth year was and is a year to remember, and one I will cherish forever!


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2 Responses to First post…

  1. Kwan says:

    That’s really great..I doubt I could remember all the stuff thats happened to me .The good thing is ,I was able to read through all that stuff you just wrote down, sorta got the some of the thrills from your adventures too!! there’s so much to praise the Lord for,and you’ve managed to write them down,awesome yeah glad to have met you last year even though it was at the end,haha!!.love you Windy this year will beat the last by farr!!

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