My Awesome 16th birthday!…

March 8th and March 9th were one of the most wonderful and amazing days of my life! Thank you all for making my birthday so special! I love you all so much and thank the Lord that I have such wonderful friends and family like you! You are what makes my world go round, and you sure made it spin like crazy yesterday!

For my birthday I:

  • Got a wonderful and amazing prophecy from the Lord through an awesome channel: My dear Friend Steph!
  • Got tons of hugs and birthday wishes.
  • Got a giant, cuddly, pink bear.
  • Ate some super delicious food.
  • Got to listen to my super awesome home members thanks and what they admire about me.
  • Got to hike for my birthday.
  • Got the coolest birthday card EVER! Thanks Lena!
  • My friends made a super awesome music video for me. I have the best friends in the whole wide world!
  • Nikky, Ale, Victoria, Emmanuel, the Jones Family and the Rodriquez family called me.
  • The Juarez home made me laugh when they sang me happy birthday.
  • Got an awesome Necklace and earrings from Uncle Phil and Aunty Dawn
  • Got chocolates and really nice Nail polishes  from Gabe and Bruni.
  • Alex gave me a peanut butter sandwich (I hadn’t had peanut butter in AGES! It was a PIECE OF HEAVEN!)
  • I get to drink coffee!! (very important! Ahem!)
  • And there are still more coming!

Here are a few birthday notes that stood out and that I loved! (These are just the extra ones, I loved all of them though! Thank you all so much for the awesome birthday wishes!)

Messenger Status’:

Happy birthday my dear precious Windy!

Skype Status’:

Aunty Luz: Feliz Cumpleaños mi querida Windy, te quero muchisimo! Gracias por ser mi sobrina mayor favorita! (Translation: Happy birthday Windy, I love you so much! Thanks for being my eldest favorite niece!
[11:39:40 AM] (^)(coffee) Tio Josue: feliz cumple, te deseo lo mejor!!! (In skype those where a cake and a mug of coffee.  Happy b-day! Wish you the best!)

[1:09:33 PM] Rosy Rodriguez (My grandma): !FELIZ CUMPLEAÑOS MI WINDY!! TE QUIERO MUCHO. Windy, le damos gracias a Jesus por tener una nieta como tu! FELICIDADES! (Happy birthday my Windy! I love you so much! We thank Jesus for having a grandaughter like you!)


OMG! SHE’S 16!!!

WINDY…happy birthday, what is there
to say that has not already been said,
the sound of you’re name is like
wind blowing on my head,
you’re sweet as honey and silly as a bee,
Thank you Jesus for this wonderful
cousin that you have given to me.
I can’t imagine you tearful because
you’re always so cheerful.
if you didn’t exist i wouldn’t have a reason
to get online all the time!
You sure aren’t lazy,
but you’re ridiculously crazy!
I love you soo much and I’m wishing you,
the best birthday party all covered in blue!

Happy birthday to the coolest cousin ever!…Windy


Yeah isn’t it Windy outside today??……HAPPY BIRTHDAYYYY!!… Windy, I cant ever recall arguing with you….Okay I think a few times but I don’t remember what we argued about :D
Have the awesomest 16th birthday!! (Without me :( )


Happy 16th Birthday!
W- Wonderful
I- Intelligent
N- Naturally beautiful
D- Dynamic
Y- Youthful
That’s Winds!


Windyy!! my beautiful uhh…. ‘twin sister’ (I love it how ppl would to confuse us at the cervantino :P:P but i still don’t get it why they’d compare ME to your beautiness)… (oooh….Estie! You’re just as pretty!- Me)

Its your BIRTHDAY!! you’re a voting member now!! Eekk!! ok don’t panic its all gonna be fine… i think!

(Hugs you warmly) …. Btw…. i just put this pic (taken at the cervantino so ppl. could see how much alike -not- we look like 😉 love you!)

-Estie (hahaha I love you girl!)


“gash!!!!..OMG!!!..I m freaking out itsWindy’s birthday!!!..that’s just soo awesome I love you soo much girl!!..just so freaking much I posted on, blog, facebook, yahoo, hotmail…evey single thing even like my cellphone!!…MUAH!!!…I hope esus brings everything you could possibly want this year!!…very special year aha (wink)…16! you !!”



Hehehe muuuuuhh Have a LOT of fun and dont eat too muuuuuuuuuuuuuch cake hehe

-Gabo… just…had to be him….


Mommy, Happy Birthday…I want a partaaaay 😦
Too bad I can’t be there..

Have fun for me…have that extra shot of vodka from my side will ya?
I lovvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeee u ♥ xxx ♥
Can’t discribe it in words..
Omfg…I love u…….
Have a rocking year…..
My gorgeous mom
LOVE u!!!!

-My beautiful daughter Claire


HAPPY BIRTHDAY my beautiful God given sister!!!! Hope you have a fantastic day full of love and blessings that last a life time!!!! We love and miss you dearly, Zowie, Mike, Lexxi and Tristan xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

-My sister Zowie


HHEY!! happy birthdya hun!…rock on!! woo hoo!



Happy birthday, windy. I hope you have a fun, enjoyable and successful year in which you accomplish a lot for yourself and the Lord.



On the Phone:

Aunty Sarah: Hi Windy! Happy birthday! Did you drink your coffee yet? Remember to do only the things you’re allowed to do…okaayyy? (All the time with her super cute Jap. accent that I absolutely love!)

Angel: Hey WINDY! Do you have a boyfriend yet? (ME: Nope, not yet) Awwwww……!

Florence: I have your mug!

Elena: Happy birthday Windy! I love you! (Me: Thank you Elena! Are you obeying your mommy and daddy?) Weeeell, sometimes yes and sometimes no…. (hahaha I LOVE that girl!)

Emmanuel: So, how old are you now? 17….18?…. (Me: NO! I’m 42 didn’t you know?) Haha yeah right! You wish…. (Me: Hahaha, no actually I’m 16 now) WHAT!? Just 16??? You’re still a baby! (yeeeaaah…just what I needed…..thanks!)

Victoria: AHHH! It’s crazy! I can’t believe a year has passed already since your fifteenth birthday!

Excerpts of My birthday Card:

You are a cool person and this time I am sure! Happy birthday!…P.S. You’re old! Love you!



Happy b-day Windy, you’re the best sister ever!



A new year huh?…

Good luck with that! Happy b-day!
-Gabe (This is an inside Joke!)


Oh, yes, yes yes… we are soooo cool, I know! That’s what I think too.
Well, be happy! You don’t get to turn 16 all the time, soon you’ll be as old as me and you’ll wish you were 16 again.
Have fun, find a sexy boyfriend, and be more loving to me! 😛
Have the best year ever and never foget me, you don’t find good friends like that often!

-The best of them all!
(hahahaha I just KNEW that was  you Lynette! Thanks!)


Happy birthday Windy! ….
You are awesome and the best roomate ever! Love u tonzzzzz!
P.S. Make sure you don’t make all the hot guys to jealous! 😛


Something special for someone very special. You are super Windy I wish you the best in this new year that starts for you. Love… Your mom.


I love you so much my beautiful daughter!


WINDY! HAPPY 16! It’s super nice living with you! You are very special for Jesus and others! ….


Gosh, if I’dve known it would be this good I would want it to be my birthday everyday!


About Windy

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5 Responses to My Awesome 16th birthday!…

  1. Misty says:

    HEY! You forgot to post mine!! Why you…! oh well it wasnt that good anywyas… Well Gosh! dont blame me i didnt know what to say! Oh well yah happy bithday!
    p.s. Oh pooh! now I have a reason to be jealous! YOU GET TO DRINK COFFEE WHEN I CAN ONLY DRINK CHOCOLATE MILK! )with a little bit of coffe in it 😀 oh well happy birthday big girl… and dont worry this year wont be boring AT ALL! especially with me around! 😉

  2. Flo says:

    Woah Windy you got tonz of birthday stuff huh? Cooll!! You see thats why your sweet 16th is better than your Quinceanera 😛
    I love youu!!

  3. Kwan says:

    Well it wasn’t so freaky after all was it?? such an adventure it will be now….the future is all blurry and hard to make out..but the steps infront of you are clear at least…I’m glad to be one of your friends ,even more so on your birthday,so I have someone to give something to!! such is the life of a cheerful giver!! your one of the greatest!! you mean alot to many of us!! love you Windy,you have the best head start one could wish for.

  4. Windy says:

    Muahahaha! Yes!!! Now I feel soooo evil! 😛 naaaa
    Yeah, I’m sure this year will most definitely NOT be boring!

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