DINNER….was great!

I’m bushed…like, I’M BUSHED!

Gosh…but..it was definitely worth it!

Okay, so I know, I KNOW you’re wondering what on earth I’m blabbering about and thinking, “Geesh! Woman! Get to the point!”   Okay, okay, I will!…just wait two seconds.



Yep, with Lena and a lil’ of help from Sunny and Annie and boooy it was guuuuud! We made….HAMBURGERS! …it was a little difficult at first because we didn’t have any bread,(yeah, hamburgers and no bread = problem!)  but the Lord gave me a brilliant idea! = Make biscuits! So I did!

Together: Meat/biscuits ( BF FOREVERRRR!) 😛 we made some cute minny hamburgers….and they were super yummy! HA….yeah, don’t like, feel BAD or anything…. 😛

But whoosh! After HOURS in the kitchen, I’m sorta glad I’m out.

But as I said, it was DEFINETELY worth it!


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5 Responses to DINNER….was great!

  1. Flo says:

    Oh Cool! Maaannn your missing the buns, we are missing the meat 😦
    we have like this new contact that gives us hamburger, and hot-dog bread…… Im proud of you mi hija 😛

  2. Mi Hija?? gosh! is uncle josue teaching u all that? gosh! HEHE yah to bad i only ate one biscuit but couldn teat the meat cus i had a really bad tummy ache… well it wasnt soo bad then cus i ate a bit.. but yah it still hurt and i also had a headache.. not really a fever… just a headache. but thank goodness im better now.. still a little bit of headache but not to bad.. and i dont have a tummy ache… unless i eat something.. is that weird or is that weird??! seriously! right now im like.. SUPER thin cus yesterday all i ate was one biscuit all day! geesh! i cant even stick out my tummy! i mean its good and all but yah… so anyways… watcha been up to flo? u havent been on in like ages!… actually u maight say.. ”I” HAVENT BEEN ON ON AGES!! anywyas yah and thats true cus i havent.. oh well i guess i better stop babbling now… yah!
    -who do ya think??

  3. Estie says:

    Woow! I’m proud of you girl! :):) gee I bet you’ll come out of there as a great chef! 🙂 yeah i know how it is to be for hours in the kitchen with all bushed on you … Love you tons!!

  4. 2wildwindyheart says:

    Wow, OKAY! Misty, you broke the ”longest comment” record I think! 😛
    Thanks girls!

  5. Misty says:

    Ja! I know! jaja… its just a gift…! yah!

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