Not again!!!

Ugh, ugh UGH!

Do you all remember that water fight….postes ago that I posted? This one

Okay so picture that…..ten times worse….

It all started out because Annie was pinching our cheeks and Lynette was getting super annoyed…as well as me. So I had a teeny bit of water left in my cup. (I shall hilight….TEENY!) and threw it on her. Heh, yeah, don’t mess with Annie, she got a cup of water TWICE as much as what I had thrown her. I can’t remember exactly what happened but it ended with Cielo and Annie getting soaking wet with a bucket Lynette threw on them outside.

Then Lynette had this evil plan (LYNETTE’S IDEA…not mine) To go to Annie’s room after quiet time, call her out and throw a bucket of water on her for repay, and me, like a little dumb sheep agree to Lynette’s plan.

“Annie! Come check out what Fluffy’s doing! It’s super cool!” I yelled as I went inside her room. Annie, not suspecting anything followed me outside where Lynette was waiting for her behind the trailer with the bucket. She got soaking wet and Lynette and I ran to her room where we hid and were protected. (because you can’t play with water inside the house)

Annie and Cielo tried several times to get me out of the room, but I’m smarter than that. šŸ˜€

After like 40 minutes I got a little bored and peeked outside. Nobody was there so I creeped out into the porch. It was then that I saw Cielo’s face, like signaling someone. I looked up and caught them, THEY WERE ON THE ROOF! I quickly ran back inside into the living room but……


Cielo came running in and tried to get me outside, but she couldn’t. THEN Alex and Lena walked by and Cielo asked them for their help, and can you believe it?? THEY HELPED HER! SOOOO UNFAIR! Three against one…..and Lynette…WHOSE FALT IT WAS! (yeah, YOU Lynette) Just stood there laughing……LAUGHING!

They finally got me outside where Sunny and Annie were waiting for me…..pfffft…..UNFAIR I TELL YOU! UNFAIR! …..I need a lawyer……

And you know what else? Lynette told Misty, “Go get the camera!” CAN YOU BELIEVE IT???? and to think she was my friend…HUMPH!….grrrr…..

Here’s the video of what happened.

Yeah….I’m a “gritona” (screamer) but bah! See all those people just standing there (let me point out) NOT HELPING ME! Gosh…. I’m the VICTIM here! That’s why I need a boyfriend and Sandy with me…..she’s strong. hahaha

After that everyone went crakalakin and we started a BIG water fight. All the time I wanted to get Lena wet but the little rascal kept getting away from me! (Cuz she runs like super fast….and my wet jeans and wet “squish, squish” tennis shoes were NO help either….grumble….) Try running in tight wet jeans….they are like mega heavy and SOOO not flexible.

Besides that I have a HORRIBLE aim, and she kept dogging all my buckets of water…humph! Can you believe what Lena did? That little cheater jumped in the pool, taking away the pleasure of getting her wet. BAH! HUMBUG!

So, all the rest of the kids jumped in the pool too. They were all soaking anyway….

But since I’m such a little angel and the rule here is that you can’t be inside the pool with your clothes on,Ā  I didn’t jump in. But OOOHHH ….as if they hadn’t already done enough with me yet….. THEY THREW ME IN THE POOL TOO! GOSH! I’m telling you…..these kids are EVIL… šŸ˜›

And I was so tired, I couldn’t even get back out…..cuz they kept pushing me in. Finally Lena threatened them and they left me in peace…ahhh

But because of that….I HAD TO TAKE A SHOWER! Grumble….

But I got to make myself a cup of warm coffee!….Score?

And all this for hearing Lynette and obeying her silly idea…HER IDEA and IIIII had to pay the consequeces…..pffft!

Well, I also sort of started it too I guess…..

Heh, I’ll say, I’m good at starting water fights huh?

You’re welcome for me making you have so much fun guys!

Just next time…..don’t throw me into the pool with my clothes on okay?


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6 Responses to Not again!!!

  1. Flo says:

    Hahahaha cool!! I can be your lawer!! We can Sew(However you type it) Linette!! Jk jk hahahaha seemed like lots of fun!

  2. Windy says:

    Yeah! You should!
    Ahh fine, I guess it sort of was….

  3. Flo says:

    Hahaha well for all the other people šŸ˜€

  4. Yah it looked pretty fun except i didnt do it cus i videoed it! (yah that explains the horrible filming!) jaja

  5. 2wildwindyheart says:

    Hahaha yeah, THE OTHER PEOPLE…..gosh…what is it with people noways having fun picking on girls twice their size….gesh! WHAT IS THE WORLD COMING TO! hahaha

  6. Nikki says:

    HAHAHHAHAHAHA if it wasn’t for poor you I would say that’s hilarious!

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