Today I woke up with a knot on my stomach….TODAY IS THE FIRST OF MARCH!

That means…


I’ll be 16…

in …gulp…



Whew!…..well, at least I’ll have an awesome party and invite lots of friends and…..MARIA WILL COME! Yay! Though….gadz! I have like, TONS of reading to do, I’ll be a voting member, and a Senior Teen!…ehh…nice!

I JUST HOPE THERE IS A CAMP SOON! Lord…..pleasee weeseee???


Even if you’re the ones that never comment… comment me on that day…..please?

Thanks girls/guys! I love you!


About Windy

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7 Responses to Scawy!!!

  1. Kwan says:

    Your too stressed out Windy,time is only passing and new things and exciting changes will happen look forward to those!! and not your grey hairs (I wonder how freaked out you’d be if you found your first one) you can count on me to so give a hearty Happy Birthday!love you Windy!!!

  2. Flo says:

    Ahhhhhh yeah its almost your birthdayyyyy!!!! Dont worry how could I forget when your birthday is?? ………..I thought it was the 14th……but I got CONFUSEd….your birthday is the 9th and Chris’ is the 14th!! 😀
    Happy Birthdayyyy!!! Oh right…… its not today 😛

  3. 2wildwindyheart says:

    Hahaha kwazy girl!

  4. jaja yah… tahts exactly what i keep telling her! dont wory soooo much!! it will be ok! geesh! she just doesnt get the point! anyways… yes i must agree with u windy.. TIME FLIES!!
    p.s. uumm windy…? its flies not flys… i think… yah… im pretty sure…? hehe 😛

  5. Estie says:

    Ohhh You’re OLD!! oh well don’t worry really… I’m older then you… which means I will get gray hair before you do! -freaks out- ok ok…. no need for mentioning THAT!…. ahem
    Eeekk!! I don’t think i;ll make it to your party!! WHAAAHHHH!!! Man that sucks sucks sucks badly!! Sigh I so wish i could but I’m super bushed with all my school… I don’t think i’ll even make it to stephies party either :(( well you have fun with… maria and all the peeps there… which i’m sure will be fun! Oh and you can count on a greeting from me! :D:D Love youu!! and stop getting older!… :D:D

  6. 2wildwindyheart says:

    Heh, FLO, this time you’re actually right!
    Ahhh…I know….but, but, YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND!….well….Estie does….
    You’ll see Flo, you’ll see…..someday

  7. Nala says:

    hey being 16 isn’t that bad (saying from experience of being it for a few hours:P) so do’nt freek whole home including all the adults are teasing me about being a voting member…ptl:D o well luv u:*

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