Cortes’ Palace!

Yeeeeahh….great picture to start with huh? Gosh… FAIL!

(I took most of the pictures….that’s why I’m not in most of them πŸ˜€ )

Okay, so these are some photos of our tour around the Palace of Cortes.

A dead person.

They think it might have been either and indigenous or a priest of Cortes and his family.


Umm, Misty took this pic without warning, quick and sudden…..that’s why we all look so cool!…. πŸ˜€


Mummified Mammoth leftovers….


Some ginormicous (whatever, I just invented that word) Mammoth bones.




Everybody listening to our guide…


These columns made of wood that are on the roof are like 500 years old! Cool huh?


Lena and the boys checking the arrowheads out.


Part of what is left of the pyramid the palace was built on.




Some little clay figures.


the kids and our guide


This is really nasty: the Mayans/Aztecs used to cut of the head and the legs of their captives, slit their torso and get their heart out while it was still beating as a sacrifice to their gods……ughhhh scary huh?


More pottery

This was to put incense in.


They had tattoos in those day! NIIICE!

AAAAnd even more explanation.

Emperor Maximilien’s carriage.




The city bellow.


Some cool chapel. (one of the very first in Mexico)


Okay, so our tries at group shots were a definite….FAIL!

(blame our guide!) ha ha ha

A wheel…don’t remember what it was for….


Machinery of the very first clock in Mexico.

With this neat picture I’ll end my post.

Stay tunned for part 2!

I was to lazy to put the rest of the pictures now…..


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11 Responses to Cortes’ Palace!

  1. Flo says:

    Cool!! Hahha yeah GUIDEE!! I blame you!! πŸ˜›
    Heres what Katrina has to say about this post,(She wanted to)
    So that was pretty interesting, thats it…
    thats all she had to say……

  2. Kwan says:

    Everything looks as if it came out of the movie “Eldorado” especially the stone hoop, the little game that the Aztecs played to get a ball in the ring,quite funny to watch if the movie if right about it!!Cortez? the Spanish explorer? not sure how many Cortezs there are but might be the same chap, and look there is one photo of you!! I was begining to worry I wouldn’t get to see you in this post!haha love ya Windy! don’t wait too long for part two!

  3. 2wildwindyheart says:

    Yep, that same Cortez!
    Yeah, funny to watch, but scary in real life! Sometimes the losers were sacrificed and even other times the winners were the ones sacrificed. Not a lot of incentive to win huh? hahaha

  4. 2wildwindyheart says:

    Yeah, FLo! Blame that guide! hahaha
    Say thanks to Katrina for me!

  5. Alice J. says:

    Ohh wow… bones, arrowheads, stones, clay figures heheh awesome! man its been so long since i’ve been somewhere touristic and taken a real tour.
    Girly! I soo have to go there… and I will sometime…. πŸ˜€ one day, you’ll see i will just pop out and knock on your door and say hi, is windy home :D:D then i’ll kidnap you and take you puahahahha Love you!!! :*:*:*

  6. 2wildwindyheart says:

    Ummm Windy that weal was to smash the cocoa so that it would make chocolate..Jeje

  7. 2wildwindyheart says:

    OOOOH! That would be one of the best days in my life!!!
    You HAVE to come Estie! My party will be the 14th!

  8. Misty says:

    Yah it was cool i guess… I dont exactly like museums or anything like that… but at least noella was there… so yah… and this other girl… nicole… not our cusin… anyways… I think mexican history is just tooo booorriiinngg! its all wars and wars and killing and more wars… well its just not that interesting cus everythings just all the same! no variety (or however u spell it) so yah its just kindda boring… but oh well… at least it was better than school!! right? right!

  9. Stephanie says:

    oh I love Maximiliano’s carriage~ sigh of love πŸ˜›

  10. Maria says:

    hahaha omg lena is like omg sooo freaking beautiful!!!…how the heck did that happen??….thats like woah shes like yes I m just I dont know dont have anything to say shes just pure beautiful…Windy sigh..yes your my foever role model of beauty but yah!!…MUAH!

  11. Windy says:

    I know! We call her our Barbie….heheh

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