The Family’s Anniversary!

There was going to be this big fellowship at the CTC (a really big home) but it got cancelled because of the rain….. bummer! But the Lord supplied fun things to do anyway! PTL!!


Yep, that’s right! We went bowlin’! It was super fun…..even though…..I NEVER WON! Gosh……not even one single little time! I always ended up in third place…..sigh…..our of four! Gaaah! BUT! At least I got one strike….! That’s good…..right?…….I think…..I mean, out of 30…..? Okay, okay…so I did pretty bad. The important thing is that we all had fun!

There was this awesome round mirror (you know, for when you want to check all around to see where your kid is?) and I thought, “Hey, wouldn’t it be awesome if we took a picture in it?” Because your body gets all sorta distorted…, here they are!

Checka, checka! hahaha my legs actually look thin!


Misty, Lynette, Annie and me! NIIIICE HUH!???


A cutie pic I took of lil’ Dylan


SUP! … Nice shoes ey?


Bah, show off……. 😛


Check it out! The ball is actually in the air!


Go uncle Gabe!


Pshhh… cool!


Whatever, Misty was being a freak……

I look like a cow…..

Perfect picture suddenly disturbed by an “EEEEEEEEYAAAAAAAA!”

Don’t worry…… They survived…..


Celebrating!!! Know why??? We both got a Strike!!!

(in bowling this is where you throw all the little white things down)


(so sad… mom wasn’t able to go…whaaaaaa!)


All the awesome people who went.


Back in the house, still celebrating.

NOELA, MEMO and their family are back!


OMG, the food was goooood!


These are the little kiddos of one of the brothers that came.


Whoooot! Nina’s on the trampoline!


Awesome Lynette, playing with Dylan.


Getting ready for inspiration!




After all our guests left we snuggled into the living room to watch a movie! Awesome! AAAAND with daddy’s projector! So it was pretty much like in the movies, with surround sound and all! …….. to add to the “SCOOORE!” we had….BANANA SPLITS!! ahhh… jealous you guys! 😛

Yum, yum! Good for my tum, tum!……sorta….

Misty and Leila, preparing the yummy banana splits. Thanks girls!

So, that was pretty much our day. Fun huh?

Thank you Lord for our great and beautiful Family!


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12 Responses to The Family’s Anniversary!

  1. 2wildwindyheart says:

    WHOOAH! CHECK IT OUT!!!! Sunny and me have THE same color of hair!

  2. Sandy says:

    Awesome! So glad you had fun! You look so pretty love:)
    Me wants those banana splits! sniff

  3. Sandy says:

    Looks like you guys had fun! Would have been mega blast if we could’ve been there. I’ve never attempted bowling.. must be interesting.
    WIndy, you look soooo pretty! Sigh growing up fast aren’t ya!
    Love you!
    I wants those banana splits!

  4. Flo says:

    Oh you mustve had soooo mcuh fun!! Sunny looks so pretty!! OHHH YES ME WANTS THE BANANA SPLIT!!!! Pfft can you beleive we didnt do ANYTHING for the Familys birthday?? Sheesh this home 😛
    We can celebrate late……………..?
    Heee!! Oh is that Noela in the background of pic 20?? (If it is) She looks super different there!! I want to chat with herrrrrr!! But she doesnt have an email 😦
    MEEE WANTS…..banana………splitttsssss……………we wants it………….but TOO RISKY!! 😛

  5. Windy says:

    awwww yeah….. I know…..sniff
    It would’ve been awesome if you girls could’ve been here!
    Oh, the banana splits were gooooood!
    Yeah, that’s Noella!

  6. yah noella looks a lot different now… Im not a freak!!! And look whos talking windy!! im not the one who did the limon thinggy!! anyways… actually i did do it a bit… but yah it doesnt count cus i wasnt in the pics or the video so yah… sigh… that banana split was sooooooo good!!! seriously! not to brag or anything (wink) 😛 ….
    oh yes flo u really need to give that juarez home some discipline about PARTY PARTY!!!! they need to learn… right? right? RIGHT!! hehe
    -misty (not to brag or anything…but IM AWESOME!!! sigh… yah! 😛 😛 jk jk ok? so dont get on my case about it later on….)

  7. Kwan says:

    Careful with the splits!! I smell poison in them!! yeah right (well addiction is a kind of poison!) Is that the whole home? as in everyone living in the house? Misty looks so cool in the one where you look like a cow! anyway Misty mind if i ask you,your email address? I’d like to add you to my messenger,(hopefully Windy hasn’t been saying bad things about me)anyway go slow on the fun guys!! it’ll spoil everyday life!!fun post Windy love ya!!

  8. 2wildwindyheart says:

    Gosh Kwan, for someone I don’t know all that well,part of that last comment was very close to rude.
    But anyway, the other part was fine, so I’ll pass it this time
    Umm, no, like half of the people are from other homes and in that picture it wasn’t all of us…..we were a lot more! yikes!

  9. Kwan says:

    Excuse me,but umm thanks for the reminder but what part seems to be the rude part? well my apollogises to both parties well yeah I hope to get to know you more Windy,and know more about our common ground,besides of course our idea’s of dancing!! anyway bye.

  10. Windy says:

    Ahaha don’t worry, well, not like rude, just not appropriate. I mean, you probably didn’t even notice it, but, basic rule: If a someone says he/she looks bad you don’t agree with her/him and say “YEAH, you look bad!
    I dunno, just a polite rule.
    But as I said, don’t worry, it was just minor, and I was very pissed off that day anyway, so it was sorta just like the last straw.

  11. Kwan says:

    Are you and “everybodyloves4weathergirls” talking about the same thing? cus rude is rude but why creepy?

  12. 2wildwindyheart says:

    Hahaha never mind that…
    That comment was a dare.

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