Our Legacy.

Yeah, I know I’m sort of late, but HAPPY 42nd ANNIVERSARY DEAR FAMILY!!! I love you! Wow, we have come a looooong way haven’t we!

Grandpa, thanks so much for all that you did for us! As Estie said, if it wasn’t for you and the Lord, who knows what sort of depressed, rebellious, punk, emo, fresa (or whatever) vain teenager I would be! Thanks for doing your part to change this world, my life, my parents’ lives and others lives  for the better!

Here’s a little (heh, yeah right!) poem I wrote about The Family’s history….hope you like it!






It all started out with a call,

An urge to give God’s love to all,


“But how Lord, can I, being just a little me?”
“That does not matter, My son, for I have chosen thee.”
God’s call to David was strong and clear,
“Come close, My son, you have nothing to fear.

“You are to be a shepherd to My needy sheep,

“For many I long to hold and for many do I weep.

“You are to be a fortress for those dying in spirit.

“Just be an empty vessel so that I am able to fill it.”


And so, through the needy hippy age,

A small army emerged into the world’s next stage.

Fearless young warriors winning battles of the soul,

Freeing the captives and making them whole.

With God’s love and fire they started to preach,

Beginning it all at Huntington Beach.


Through their songs and witness God’s light shone bright.

Calling his children to step up and fight,

To oppose this cold, dark, dreary world,

To pick up the torch and herald the Word!

“The Children of God have risen today!

“We’ll go forth and conquer, come what may.

“For God’s on our side, what do we have to fear?

“The Spirit’s calling all those who are willing to hear.”


They were following God, and that was it.

There was no turning back, the revolution had been lit!

Forsaking it all and following Him,

Happily willing to fight to the win,

Carrying God’s Word and always looking up,

God’s call led them all the way to Europe.

Traveling as gypsies, carrying the flame,

Dad happily cried out, “They can’t stop our rain!”


Bringing water to the thirsty and nourishment to the soul,

Nearer and nearer they headed to their goal.

Later on Dad prayed and urged the Family to go,

Not only to reach Europe, but all around the globe!


Though troubles and trials arose for a while,

They still would keep up, each step of the mile

Not allowing those blows to pull them down

They learned from the mistakes, going on without a frown.


Receiving God’s will and according to His plan,

Dad told everyone to step out into open land.

With no restrictions or leadership dependence,

Dad encouraged, “This is your Declaration of Independence!”

Into all the world, preaching the Gospel to every creature,

Giving God’s word out in many ways and in many features.


Again, to meet the need, the Lord gave David had a vision,

A magical way that would help us fulfill our mission,

With beautiful pictures and heavenly scenes,

The posters became powerful witnessing means!


As time passed and we exercised greater freedom and flexibility

David and Maria realized we needed added responsibility.

So along with the their team and the Lord’s guidance on the matter,

Came about the creation and implementation of our Love Charter.

A set of rules that helped The Family to grow,

A wonderful gift that the Lord on us did bestow.


After a long and fruitful life,

Serving the Lord with his Family and wife,

It was time for Dad to go home with the Lord,

Into the gates of Heaven to receive his reward.

Passing his anointing on to Maria, he said,

“You are now His shepherdess for the times ahead.”

“Yours is now all that was mine,

“I say this in truth, Maria, you indeed shall shine!”


Then taking Peter’s hand, he said,

“You need someone to help you bear this crown on your head.

“Peter is the one the Lord has chosen to be,

Your faithful husband now that you won’t have me.”


Anointing  and committing them to the Lord’s blessing

Dear King David passed to his place of resting.

So Mama and Peter became our new king and queen,

Helping us arrive valiantly at the world’s next scene.


For a time The Family’s conviction was poorly lacking,

And many of us had started side tracking.

The Lord saw it and immediately reprimanded our slack,

As Mama Maria beckoned, “GET BACK ON TRACK!”

Many obstacles we passed and lessons we learned,

And to the Lord’s counsel we finally returned.


Of course the Devil wasn’t happy with us at all,

So he sent a series of persecutions big and small.

But even though he tried to put out our flame,

He did little more than add heat to our game.

Victorious we came through. with the Lord’s strength and might,

And with many opportunities for our light to shine bright!


The Lord then gave us an amazing gift,

One that made us move to a higher shift.

The Power of the Keys, now at our command!

That would help us go forward, conquering the Land

For Jesus’ Kingdom, bringing in miracles untold,

With the Keys turned to swords, ‘twas a weapon to behold!

He opened our eyes to secrets of the spirit world,

Helpers and hinderers, such power around us swirled!


A time of purging and cleansing came about,

For all the Family, this Renewal was a way out.

For the Devil’s snares had many in his clutches,

Yet with the Lord’s help we broke free from our “crutches”–

Those things we leaned on, and thought we would need.

Finally the Lord let us see that if we were to succeed,

We should take on more of His nature to be,

His dedicated Endtime Army, one that is truly free.


To help us move forward and go on the right way

He gave us The Boards which would help our work for today

An easier way to help shepherd and lead

Which would also help many problems to recede.


An exciting feeling hung through the air

As Mama and Peter led us to the new ways of prayer

Out of Bounds, Commanding and Praiseful,

On Target, Proactive, Fun and Blissful!

We urgently prayed for six months in a row

For the Lord had a new gift on us to bestow.


After that long time of anxiously waiting,

Came a time when no longer we would be abating,

Instead of being defensive, or simply maintaining

We will go on the attack claiming and retaking

The land we had lost which is rightfully ours,

With the Lord’s power we will reach for the stars!

No longer would this be the era of the defensive,

No! We will go out and conquer in this Offensive!


To help the young people adapt to these times

The JT board had an idea to help them along these lines.

The Echo challenge rang out for all the young teens to hear,

They accepted it bravely and without any fear.

Young solders they were, winning battles of the heart,

For them this was only the beginning of a glorious start.

They came out triumphantly; many honors had been earned,

To become much more professional they now had learned.


Now, in the middle of our Change Journey phase,

We have only to thank and enormously praise,

Our wonderful Lord, King and Lover

Truly like Him there is no other!

Through His might and power we will conquer and win,

Comfort the lonely hearts and deliver them from sin.

We have come this far by faith, and as we celebrate once more

The dawn of the Revolution that conquered hearts from shore to shore,

This is our legacy; we will strive to fulfill it.

And with the Lord on our side,  not even the sky is the limit!


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4 Responses to Our Legacy.

  1. Flo says:

    Hey thats a good poem you wrote! It mustve tooken you ages to write it…..?

    Right! Happy Anniversary Familyyyyy!!!

  2. 2wildwindyheart says:

    Yeah, it did!!! THREE DAYYYS!!! I thought I would die..! hahaha jk!

  3. Windy says:

    HEY!!Thats my sister everybody thats my sister jeje

  4. Windy says:

    Awwww thanks Rosie!

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