OKAY!!! Here I am! Back into motion!

(don’t freak out if I’m a little weird right about NOW…..I’m ….tired…)

This my friends is a very yummy lunch I made with Lena, daaaays old, but hey! Better late than never!

Hot sauce was HOOOT! Tssssssss!! …..heh….


Annie the dolphin rider! Yeeeeeeaaaaaaaaa! (They actually got into the pool…..yikes!)


Yeah, cool surfer girl!


Sorry guys, but unless you pass my super strict perfect-for-a-boyfriend-type-of-guy test… are going NO WHERE with this hottie! Ahem, yeah, MY sister… YOUNGER sister…I’m older….she’s younger….ehhh yeah….


Pucker all you want…she’s not kissing you!!! HAHAHAHA..

(you see, it’s just a photo, so, she can’t really do that….)


I am being waaaaaaay to foolish and out of the spirit!

“CUT it out WIndy!!!”

(hahaha, yeah, like with scissors!)


I believe I can fly!!!…..IN WATER!!!

It’s called…..SWIMMING!!!

Eeeee…….so all my tries at being serious and NOT being random have just gone “poof” with this photo…..sigh….

Spark -KLAY!

(It’s only Jesus you guys!)

Ughhhh! For some STRANGE reason this photo decided to come out graney…..ugh, ugh, ugh!!!!

(Thanks a lot PHOTO!)

Niiiice flowers…..aye???


These leaves are Miiine! They’re MIIIINE!!! My precious!!! Muahahahahaha!..ahh…ah…..ermmmm…..

Yeah, please totally forget my nonsense caption up there…. These leaves are awesome!…..but, they’re not mine!….

know why??? Cuz they’re the LORD’S!!! Yep, that’s why!

I dunno why but, (voice I use for Fluffy and Snowflake) These flowers are just so cuuute!


Awesome! Like a possom!… take that back….possoms are not awesome!…so no…. NOT like a possom…..OKAY YOU GUYS???


Yeah, that day I just felt like taking pictures.


Nice sunlight!! Don’t ya think!


This came out purple, ALL BY ITSELF!!!

(awwww, I’m so proud of it! sniff!)


THEEEEE sun will come out! Tomorrow……oh yes we know it will come out tomorooooow!


BOOM BOOM! Crakalakalakalakin! BOOM BOOM! Crakalakalakalakin! IT WAS A NIGHT LIKE THIS!….

….. Ahem…..ehhh, nice…..flower……no?


Aaaaaaaand folks! The only way up……is up!!!! ……HA! if you want to reach the sky I mean… cuz, GOD’S way UP is DOWN….so, this doesn’t apply…..

BE UNIQUE! It’s the only way to be different!



Hanging from a leaf branch praising the Lo’ord! Hanging from a leaf branch praising the LO’ORD!

Awwww… proud of those flowers you guys!


COLORS are coloring the world before my eyes!!!

(and before yours tooo! Cool huh?)


There is always a light at the end of every tunnel….after every night a new day appears…

This little light of miiine! I’m gonna let it shine!


Tick, tock,     tick tock,     ticky tocky,     ticky tocky……Alguen sabe que hora es??? SIII! Es la hora de ser Feliz! Tiririririn!!!! The time to be happy is now!!!!…….

OoooookAY! So I have NO idea why on earth I put songs as captions or even why I started singing that song…..(ughhhh….show is rubbing off…..freeeaky!!!) but heh, as you can see, you were supposed to sing all those last photo captions. Ya know? To add that special effect!

Everybody go with me!


AAAAAANDDD Put your right leg in, put your right leg OUT! Put your right leg in and you shake it all about! Don’t even ask me what is happening right now……just try to figure it out….That’s what it’s all about!!! YAY!!!!


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8 Responses to Pictures

  1. Flo says:

    Maaaannn your home is so pretty!!The pool, flowers, background…………..JEALOUS!!!!hahahaha
    I like those pics!! hahaha Cielo is makin such a funny face!1

  2. Meg says:

    geeeeshhh…Windy…you okay?? :P:P
    It sure made the blog fun to read tho -wink-
    I searched and searched…scrolled up and down the post…but couldn’t find it…Just couldn’t find it…-goes off to the corner-
    WHERE’S THE PICTURES OF WINDY? -questioning look-…or more like -pleading look-??

  3. Angel says:

    Dont be a show off, we dont have nothing like that in Juarez, not even close, and when I go to your house, I am gonna jump in with my celular, in the swimming pool 😀

  4. 2wildwindyheart says:

    Hahaha Angel, you weirdo! I miss you!

  5. 2wildwindyheart says:

    Ya pronto se van a mover a Zamora de todos modos asi que van a estar mas cerca! 😉

  6. Windy says:

    UMM!!you forgot to say on my photo and my beautiful youngest sister..ANNIE.. the most beautiful of all yeah thats her…..
    I’m such a good poster about MEEEE!!JEJE..:p
    YOU know who..RIGHT????

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