A dance teacher!

I love dancing and always have.
Ever since I was a little girl has been one of my many passions, and since we had a puppet show I was able to use dancing a lot more frequently. Simple little steps at first, but later on we lived with a YA couple who had studied dancing. That took our little dancing moves to a whole new level and soon we had a whole bunch of new songs at our fingertips, thank the Lord! Through them I learned a lot! Thanks so much G. and C!
Well, after like two years they moved on and since I was the eldest I took up the role of being the one in charge of putting the choreography together for the songs in our show. This has been my “job” for the last 4 years or so.
Now to the story.
Recently we moved to a new home further south in Mexico where we made up a whole new show group with the kids of this home. One of the girls, Cielo, goes to public school and her Physical Education teacher put her group the assignment of making a dance. Cielo mentioned to her girls group of 7 about me and asked me if I could choreograph a dance for them.
I was a little nervous since this would be the first time I would choreograph a dance for #1: Girls I didn’t know and #2: Girls that were not in the Family. But I prayed and the Lord gave the thumbs up on it.
Much to my relief the girls were really sweet, respectful and were all into the idea. We got together and decided what song to chose. (Cielo had gotten a variety of Family songs) After listening to a few Cielo put on the song Resolution and after a few moments of listening to it the girls immediately said “YES!”
I listened to the song and started putting some steps to it. The girls immediately got into the groove and we advanced a lot on just the first day. After a good practice we said goodbye and agreed a date to meet again that week. All went really smoothly till the third day of practicing one of the girls had a small accident. This really shook me up in spirit and I realized that I had goofed of in not praying before starting our practices. This immediately changed my perspective on things. The next time we got together to practice I got the girls together and asked them if it was okay if we prayed before we started so that Jesus would protect us from any accidents. Most of them being Catholic,s they knew what I was talking about but still were a bit puzzled. They agreed and respectfully bowed their heads. After saying the prayer we set up to practice again. The same thing happened during the next days of practice and almost immediately the girls warmed up to the idea of praying before we started each practice and took our prayer times very seriously.

Having these practices with the girls was a real blessing since the moms started to become more friendly with us instead of leaving us at arm’s length. They were really happy to see the girls’ positive response and responsibilities that participating in the dance included. Even one mother who was particularly very cold towards Cielo’s mom warmed up so much after talking with her while her daughter was having the class. The girls were super thrilled about it all and soon we became really close friends. One day in particular one of the girls arrived really sad because of an argument that she had had with the rest of the girls in school, and because they weren’t talking to her anymore. Cielo and I encouraged her and I called the girls together and prayed for unity for all of them. The girl was super thankful and soon they were able to solve the little disagreement that they had.
The Lord gave me the check to pray with them to receive Jesus since they had been so open to the prayers and our way of living. So, on the last day of practice I introduced them to Jesus and salvation and asked them if they would like to pray with me to receive Him into their hearts. They all immediately said yes! PTL!!! We held hands and with me they prayed to receive the Lord in their hearts.
After the prayer I explained a little more about Jesus, how he wanted to be their friend and would always be someone they could count with. They were really happy and thankful.

Finally the day came when they would present the dance to their class. The Lord opened the doors and I was able to go inside the school to film the dance and participate in other activities they had for that last hour of school. Cielo later told me that the girls were super nervous about the performance and asked Cielo if they could do a prayer like I had done before each class so that they wouldn’t feel nervous and so that everything would go well1 TYJ!

Since the event in the school where the girls presented their dance was closed, we invited them and their families to our monthly Open House and present it there. Most of the girls came and we were able to witness to their families and to our other friends who had come. We showed them a video clip of what we do, sang some songs, then we present our puppet show. Thank the Lord, everyone really enjoyed the fun time! After our show the girls presented their dance for our friends and their families. Everyone was super flipped and clapped to the rhythm of the song.    Later on the parents and grandparents approached me and thanked me for giving my time to help the girls. Thank the Lord, through this event we were able to sell lots of tools and people were able to know us and what we do a lot better.

This experience really inspired me of how many different out-of-the-box ways we can be a witness and testimony for the Lord!

To end, here’s a little excerpt of a note that one of the girls gave to me:

Hello Windy!
I just wanted to thank you for helping us with the dance. I loved all the steps you put us!
I miss you a lot now that we don’t go to the practices. You’re a super nice person and I really like you, Cielo and your sisters, even though I really don’t know all of them personally. You guys have something that’s just really cool, like, good vibes. I’m so glad you were able to come with us to see our dance at the school. You’re a super sweet and positive person and really helped me as I did the dance. I’ll miss you a lot, now that I won’t be able to see you as often. Thanks so much for the prayers too! I really liked them!
Take care! I wish you the very best in all that you do!
I love you!


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7 Responses to A dance teacher!

  1. Flo says:

    Inspiring!! I am going to show Angel this, since they recently had a dance in their school and he took the practices…pretty foolishly (As always) well at least from what he tells me….I didnt see their song in the end….but anyway yeah…. Inspiring!

  2. Estie says:

    OMG!! Windyy!! I’m soo proud of you!! you keep shining for the lord! sigh…. I have never been able to dance better then a drunk guy trying to walk in a strait line… so yeah Keep at it! lOve you!!!

  3. Kwan says:

    Awww that note at the end was so sweet(too bad people in Thailand don’t do stuff like that)your such a good witness to get a respond like that,love you byes!

  4. Windy says:

    Thank the Lord you guys, it was all him!

  5. This is a super nice testimony Windy! I am so proud of you and for your willingness of sharing with others what the Lord has given you! ILUVVVVVVVM! Gaby.

  6. Nikki says:

    Ohhh…soo nice..it’s so awesome the way the Lord uses different circumstances and uses them to witness!
    Keep at it windy!!! LYL

  7. 2wildwindyheart says:

    Thank you Jesus!

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