WARNING! (This post will be a little weird!)


Everyone, this…..is the most tragic day in the history of Lemons……

Limmy the Lemon, loved by his fellow lemonades, has……DIED!!

It all started out with an innocent get out. Windy brought some lemons over the trampoline to make it more fun. After jumping (trying to avoid hitting the lemons) for a while, Alex, Annie, and Sunny left. Leaving Windy, Cielo, Misty and Lena….alone.

The lemons had fallen all over the floor of the trampoline so the girls were picking them up. Cielo then throu Windy a lemon and she caught it, with one hand! That sent a brilliant game through Windy’s mind. She told Cielo and they started to play Lemonation! (Which basically means throwing two lemons back and fourth between two people.) Soon Lena and Misty catched on the fun and all four started playing lemonation.

After a while at this Cielo through her lemon waaaay up high and told Windy, “Hey, see who can do that higher!” So she did! (heh, and I did it higher! bahahaha!) …..hee…I’m a little sheep. (sorry..RANDOOOM!)

AHEM! so they started throwing their lemons in the air! Whoohooooo! AL THE SINGLE LADIES!!! (HEY, don’t make FUN! We ARE single you know!…..touchy!)

SOOOOOO Misty and Lena soon caught up and we all started throwing our lemons in the air.


Tragic, disaster!!!!          BOOOOOOOOOOOM! (<- that was Cielo’s idea)

Windy’s lemon fell into the fountain!!! She quickly ran to see if it was okay, but alas…..it was NOT! Halfway broken in two….the poor lemon lay in a puddle of water.

“Bah, who cares???? This lemon deserves to live his life, till his last breath and till he completely parts in two.” Windy said.

And so it happened that while playing with the lemon a while longer, his body cracked in two….on the bushes. (poor dude…..crucified…..at least it was quick…..)

Everybody was lamenting, and Windy said, “This fellow deserves a funeral.”

Cielo got some dried leaves, Lena got matches and Misty…just stood there. While I lay the little Lemon, (now dubbed Limmy) to his spot in the ground. We tried cremating him, but ……it didn’t work! So Windy got some dirt and very solemnly said. “Everyone, take a bit of dirt.”

The girls looked at her like, “huh?” and hesitated.


Everybody quickly did as she said and followed Windy as she said. “Dust though art, and dust though shalt return.” They covered the lemon with the dirt and put the leaves that they had tried to cremate him with around the little black spot.  So Windy ran to the room got a piece of paper and wrote this.

Poor limmy, his wife was sad, and with CHILD! Can you believe it?

Sad to say, all his fellow Lemonades were not all that happy about it either and mourned his quick and sudden death. All…..but one….

Lena, Cielo and me….mourning poor limmy’s passage…..

May he rest in piece and go to Leaven Amen?

Oh, and by the way, take away all that sorrow, THIS GET OUT WAS FUNN!!!

Yay to me!…..bahahah!

(yeeeeeah…..welcome to the other side of me!…..)

Oh, and PS!!!!

For a fun video of this …ehh….event….go to:


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10 Responses to Lemons…

  1. Meg says:

    ahahha you weirdoooo~!

  2. Kwan says:

    Gosh you gals do get weird, i wonder if this s everyday life for you type,well lemons are for their taste not for the toss, please don’t do this to all your lemons. indeed Meg weird..none of your videos work btw might want to try looking into it.

  3. Windy says:

    Ehehe, welcome to girl town! hahaha
    Hmmmmm? Weeeird! None of them work??? Ya sure? They work perfectly fine for me….!

  4. Flo says:

    Yup…Weeeirrrrddddd!! Hahahaha thats probably what Misty was thinking while you were having your little funeral 😀
    I can see the videos perfectly fine too!

  5. I know! I was like ¨NOOOOO way im NOT ganna come out in video and in pics for the WHOLE world to see!! No way!!¨ so I just took the pics instead!! 😀
    yes but i will be the first to admit… WE ARE WEIRD!! But of course at the same time were AWESOME!! jaja :P}
    ‘misty (gosh doing this is very annoying¨)

  6. Yeeeeah! Nobody is as cool as us! haha

  7. Estie says:

    OMiGosh!! Windyy you’re soo weirdd, and funny and incredibly cool! I lob your randomness! geeshh I soo need to go!!

  8. 2wildwindyheart says:

    Yes you needed to come! BUt you have been warned….I can be VERY……too random sometimes… Like if I suddenly tell you, “Hey, you notice the grass is green?” when we’re talking about pizza, guys or something important like that…don’t get..to freaked out…..okay?…hahaha

  9. I know we were like playing x-box’s and then they come and they tell us this random thing and were like WHAT???

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