I’m bushed…..

Guys, be proud of me okay? I did lunch (with Lena, another teen in our home) for EVERYBODY…..and …. WITH LEFTOVERS!!! Talk about a miracle man!

You see, in this home usually the thing is “Two per person” or something like that…..you know, that leaves your tummy grumbling, BUT THIS TIME!!!  ooooooh…there was enough to eat all that you wanted, and more! Thank you Jesus!

(see you guys, loaves and fishes miracle here!)

This ESPECIALLY a miracle considering that lunch was bread with cheese (YUMMY cheese…) Sorta like pizza. YUM! So yeah, my sisters finally love me! ahaha….. jk….

Oh, boy! ANOTHER miracle was that I had NO idea how to make tomato sauce! So, I called on the keys and on Julia (you know, from the movie?) as a spirit helper for cooking, and IT WORKED! She told me step by step what to do, and….My sauce came out sooooo gooood! yay! TYJ!!!

Ahhh, I feel special today…. weeeee!


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3 Responses to Ahhhh

  1. Estie says:

    Ohh soo cool!! I know the feeling of not knowing what to do… but tyj he always comes through… ahh pizza!! you evil!! i want pizza!! lol 😛 gaashhh i soo have to go visit youu!!! i’d be so glad to give you sum cooking tips :D:D love ya!!

  2. Windy says:

    Yeshhhh!!! You HAVE to come……..NOWWWW!!!

  3. ugh yeah right!! gosh your such a show off!!… well who am i to talk… yah… anyways yah it was pretty good…
    -misty (of course… who else???)

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