Street dogs.

We went to the Zocalo on Family day, looking for dog food since ours…RAN OUT!! Gah!

So, we had to walk, (no kidding) for MILES…..and then….the store was CLOSED!!!

Bummer…. !
Again, we walked back and finally we found a store that had some dog food….saaaaaved!!!
While we were waiting for my mom to pay, we watched some street dogs. (Here there are literally hudreds)
Several of them were super skinny and the conversation went like this:

Me: “awwww maaan…..look at those poor doggies!!!”

Sunny: “Yeah! I mean look at them, bones sticking out!” (shudders.)

Misty: “Eeeewwww…..they’re so dirty……gross!!” (eheh, yeah….typical Misty…..)

Annie broke the moment of observation saying very seriously:

“You know, every time I see a street dog I feel like getting a bunch of dog food in my hand and sticking it down their throats!”

There was silence….
Suddenly everybody bent over laughing.


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6 Responses to Street dogs.

  1. Flo says:

    Ha, Ha, Ha 😀
    now lets see what I say, “Poor dogs.”
    Annie is so funny 😀

  2. Estie says:

    Haha oh god, that’s so innocent and hilarious… hehehe

  3. ugh how dare you make fun of me?!?! They WHERE VERY disgusting!! ok?!?! gosh!
    -misty (duh!)

  4. cielo says:

    annie is sooo dramatic!!! but yeah i feel like doing that too!well gata run!bye

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