A Child’s Simplicity….

Okay, so here’s the post that I was talking about. I got this amazing feeling to write, like BAM right as I was getting ready to sleep, and this is what followed:

A child’s simplicity.

Today many people find that they lack that spark, that incentive and happiness to everyday living in this fast action world. Many wonder and ask how is it that they can find that happiness that they are looking for. I say, if you really want to know the secret to true happiness and joy simply look into the eyes, smiles and actions of a child.

It lies in simplicity: Not caring what you wear or what you own, and yet enjoying life all the same.

In living and enjoying this moment, this second. Not worrying about the past or fretting about the future, but just living life, one moment at a time

In trust: Knowing that no matter what someone loves them and will take care of them. And will either catch them when they fall or sooth them and care for them if they do.

In simple childlike faith in God: Knowing that he listens and answers even their smallest prayers, and will live up to his end of the bargain. No questions asked.

It’s in looking deeper than “skin deep”: Not being someone’s friend just because of their looks or possessions, how they act or are. It means not putting them into a box, but loving them for the simple fact that they are human, someone who is there to love and have fun with, someone who can in turn, love them back.

Interest in even the littlest of things: Objects that we sometimes wouldn’t even give a second glance at. Yet they take the time to marvel over the tiniest ant, the magnificent colors of the sunset, the wonderful smells of flowers, and enjoy all of life’s pleasures. Paying close attention to the way something moves, looks or smells with awe.

In laughter: Being able to laugh at ourselves and with others no matter what the situation or the mood.

In forgiveness: Forgetting what others did to you and moving on, with a smile on your face.

And most importantly, how they love without boundaries. No labels, no difference between people, races or color. Just loving you, for who you are.

Throughout history and even today we say that as we grow up we become smarter, and know much more than when we were children. But I say, the happiness and simplicity of a child is a hundred times wiser than all the facts, figures and knowledge that we so called “grown ups” or “big people” posses.
In reality, how much a child has that we can learn from and live by.

I think they smile at us, knowingly. For they hold the keys to the lock of true happiness.


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6 Responses to A Child’s Simplicity….

  1. Estie says:

    Sigh… I feel like being a child again… life is so simple and uncomplex… and i could sleep for long periods of time and not be annoyed at ppl. barking at me about dinner dishes :P:P

  2. Waa cuties!! I luv it!!

  3. Windy says:

    Wow….I can’t believe it’s you writing that comment… I shall treasure it forever….!

  4. Gaby Farr says:

    Aunque ya me lo habías mostrado desde que recién lo estabas haciendo, yo creo que el Señor te ungió para poder poner de una manera tan bonita todos esos pensamientos, el trabajo que hiciste en cada foto y demás. GJ cuando dejamos que El nos pueda usar para Su gloria. Ojalá que sigas escribiendo así tan inspirado mientras el Señor te de vida, y que además sirva de inspiración y ánimo y por qué no de diversión para todos. No dejes de poner cosas en tu blog, sobre todo de éste tipo y para gente bonita como cada una de tus amigas de blog. TAM!

  5. Windy says:

    Gracias Mama! Te amo mucho!

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