Okay so yesterday night I wrote like these deep, DEEEP thoughts about children. I’ll post it later….I was literally, super surprised at myself….wooow!

  • Ahem, and today in school I fell upon this manuscript about a trip that we made to Kansas, like a year and a half ago that I thought was pretty fun and neat. I’ll post that later too!
  • I got Fluffy a MAKEOVER…..he looks….decent…..definitely his face looks cuter and (THANK GOD!) his knots disappeared after a goood shower and drying and cutting his hair (done by me of course…heh….I traded jobs with Annie, she did dishes, I did Fluffy.) And YUUUUCK!! I had to clean his behind….ewwww…..never again!!!! But….It was worth it!
    Candy’s next…..YIKES!!!
  • We had a memory quiz today during devotions….I won second place!!! yay! (it was megga HARD though..cuz I know all those verses in SPANISH and the quiz was in ENGLISH! Arrghhh! So basically every time Aunty Dawn said a reference I had to process it in my made and trade into Spanish….COMPLICATED I tell you……veeeery complicated….. But I’m content! I got a chocolate in return!! yay!
  • I got a 94% on my Social Studies book #4 test. (awww you GOTA be proud of me!!!) So far I’m a strait A student! PTL!!!
  • We really need a new family photo.
  • I found out today. My Dad is leaving for his visa trip …..on my birthday!!!….whaaaaa…..that…is evil… I mean it’s my 16th birthday for heaven’s sake!!! I’ll be legally a senior teen! His excuse: “Well, I was on your 15th birthday!!! Aaaand we can celebrate in the 7th or 8th.”
    Sigh…oh well….praise the Lord….. AT LEAST you can all get me a present and send it in with my dad…huh FLO?????? Score??? SCORE!!!
  • I finally finished the dance with the girls of Cielo’s school…..NOOOW is that pro or is that pro???? I’ll film it today…hopefully.
  • I can’t use my parent’s bathroom…….plumming is bad…..

AAAAND that’s it for now!! Stay tuned!!!


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5 Responses to WOOOOWWW!

  1. Flo says:

    OH, poor u…..yeah waddya want?? Hmm?? Sorry but dont make it expenive because….I am soooo poor! But I will get ya something….no worries 😀
    I mean you guys are coming in June or something??At least thats what I heard…..Dont forget to bring me a present ;D
    Oh, gee Annie!! Take care of your dog by yourself! Poor Windy here had to do the job for you!! Well exchange for dishes…..not a bad idea 😉
    I take Snowy a shower every week!! Well I had Natalie brush him last time…Phew! Oh, oh!! Cut Snowys hair!! He needs it!! I mean…TRIM it ;D
    Aww I was ganna make this comment longer but I have to change from my show costume (Yeah we had a show) Bye!! Good that you got 94 on your Social studies!! Though I got 100!!Ha!! Okay, I know…your school is harder ;D

  2. 2wildwindyheart says:

    Yeeeeah….European history…Renascence and the like……ahhh…..ME LIKE!…….heee yeah, well after all, I AM an artsy person so…..

  3. Who told you we were ganna go in june?? hhmm?? anyways yah I think that’s the plan… cool huh?? Well I had to wash snowflke for my jjt today… weird huh? but I was in deep cleaning and my dad told me to do that… so yeah! -misty

  4. Kwan says:

    well I’d like to see how good your dance is,hopefully your as good as you sound!!! i’m sure we’ll like it,love ya!!

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