Ahhhh, my loves!! How I have missed you! (ummm not sure if the feeling is mutual…in anycase…..)

Well, let’s see, what have I been up to that’s interesting…….Oh, OH!!! I GOT IT!!

DUUUDE! Like, freak out okay?? My goal was like, to finish 10th grade before my 16th birthday…..(OMG, just saying that number makes me shudder…oooohooohoooo) Pfft! Yeah, suuuuure……sigh……okay, so now my goal is a teeny bit more realistic and I have settled to finish it by May. Sounds like a plan??

Okay, the second thing is: I have had like this really compelling feeling to dye my hair black, I really wanted to…..(and I think I still do…) but after just looking at my hair in the mirror yesterday, I just fell in love with it again…..brown is just… cozy….

Third thing is: My room is super messy, and I don’t feel like cleaning it……

Fourth thing is: I am overly traumatized about turning 16, and I have NO idea why! This is like, new to me! HEEELPP!

Fifth thing is: I’m sick…..arrghhh!

Sixth thing: I have absolutely fallen in love with Irish music……ahhhh……..

And finally the seventh thing is: …I can’t think of a seveth thing……..


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10 Responses to Things…

  1. Sandy says:

    Aww, sweetie if it makes any differnce.. my room is a dissaster to. well at least the closet is. I just throw all my junk there. Oh and my room is your room… sniff it gets lonely sumtimes.. its also stephs room we all share 😉
    But yeah, I have this super technique.. which I don’t use anymore cause I don’t need to.. but before when I used to room with my sisters, I would stay up till twelve cleaning. Sigh, oh and the next day it was clean for like 5 hours then BOOM BAM WAADABOOM! Messy again. Just be thankful you’re sisters aren’t messy like mine, or if you don’t room with them… THAT THEY AREN’T IN YOUR ROOM TO MESS IT UP. ;;).
    Whsipers: Theres always a closet to throw stuff in! :).. shh thats cheating but I love you so its fine.
    And I know you’ll finish you’re school before may. at least you’ll finish earlier than me 😦 buaaa.- kicks the old computer- And if you die your hair you’ve gotta tell me. I was thinking of dieing it to.. like sum bright green or sumthing.. then decided not to.. cause Mike would freak out or sumthing. Whsipers: Oh and I miss you too, and I’m gunna stop writing this long and boring comment! cheers! Eat spaghetti!

  2. Kwan says:

    Sandy you’ve just beat the “longest comment” record!your room messy? i can convince my mind to believe that! your girls!!! not possible! i’ll tell you my secret (tried and proven) clean often a little everyday,easy! oh and yes black is just the coolest color (even Meg would agree with me n that one!) yes please do it black you’s look 10 times as good as you do now!

  3. Meg says:

    I LOVE BLACK HAIR! CUz mine is BLACK! Cheers!
    ANd my room….oooooh boy…is a mess…yikes!

  4. Flo says:

    Heyyyy……….this post sounds familiar……oh well I will be praying for you to get better!! Oh, didya get the idea of dying it black from me? Weellll I dont know if you should dye it or not……

  5. Windy says:

    No, I have been wanting to dye it black for some time. I think I’ll let it grow first, then dye it black. You know, so that it’s long.

  6. Estie says:

    haha you soo have to see my room!! lol, sandy would know all about that one :D:D
    yess i know Irish music is soo awesome!!
    aww sillyness, being 16 will come like being another day older, and it won’t be so bad… at least it wans’t for me 😀

  7. Windy says:

    You give me hope!!! 😀 haha
    I knooow….it’s like…..if you’re not faithful, even for ONE little day the room EXPLODES and poof! Todo tu trabajo….desaparece!

  8. Jajaja! You missed something though!!
    You forgot ot put that you wnat a BF!! jaja
    Gatcha there!!
    p.s. btw wy didnt you put it??
    Ugh Irish usic?? I dunno why people like it!! But yah I guess everybody has different likes… I mean not even dancing it is that cool… well watching it is fun but… YOU yourself dancing it… well …. no… it looks like to much work… seriously… I mean… yah… anyways…

  9. 2wildwindyheart says:

    Misty…’re weird…… hahaha
    Oh, well, you see, ummm I always put that, you know, that I want one….so it doesn’t really need to be put on AGAIN…for some time at least……I’ll… give it a month…….heeee

  10. 2wildwindyheart says:

    And LAZY!!! ……whoever doesn’t think dancing is cool?? And don’t gimme that anyway….you were dancing your little but away at Manny’s party… THERE!!! I got you!!! Muahahaha!
    ahhhhh……you’re so fun to bug!!! hahaha I L Y!!!

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