Today I was talking to Sandy…..my mommy! But of course, after a while she had to go eat, and of course, I had to let her go. No way was I going to let her miss that healthy lunch.

So after that I was bored and had NO idea what to do, and ummm…….this is what happened during that lapse of time..

This is me looking like a puffed up Snowflake.

.Β Β 

Cool! Aye??? (get it? Eye, Aye??? Hahahaha ha, ha…….ha…….ermmmm)

I look like a fish….

Trying to figure this all out…


Heeee…….my hair went POOF!


Oooooh….who’s that over dere!!


Oh god..I am being so weird right now!


What’s wrong with me???


Ahhh, but who cares??? πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

Oh Lord! Am I going cwazy?? Or just trying to copy “The Scream” painting?”




Errrr, Okay how about we end this with a normal picture????

Heh, I dunno if you call this normal….dude, I look emo…..all that hair in my face??? ahhhh! Not good!

Oh well, enough of me and random I.



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15 Responses to Heeee

  1. Flo says:

    Ahhh Thats what I was ganna say!! Depressed emo looking,(Wait, Emo includes depressed) untill I saw that grin on ya face πŸ˜‰
    good, you were scarin me there!
    Pretty Windy!

  2. Nala says:

    ahh..i luv the one where your hair is all puffed out in front of your eyes, and u have this goffy smile…it’s just the cutest;;)

  3. Kwan says:

    Now guys if you think the Windy we see usually is great already,then this unedited and “real life” Windy is going to make you love her all the more.

  4. Windy says:

    Hahaha, you guys are awesome!

  5. umm windy you wort bored you were talking to Stephani so there jajajaja and you don’t look like snowflake at all
    – your best sis Annie

  6. 2wildwindyheart says:

    Pfft, I look like Snowflake, cuz she always has hair in her eyes……..and I was bored “after” so, there! I have said the truth!
    YOUR best sister…….me!

  7. 2wildwindyheart says:

    actually you look more like fluffy instead of snowflake so beat that……

  8. Sandy says:

    Awwww, poor thingy. and my meal wasn’t healthy.. well.. maybe it was. IT WAS YUMMY. Sweetie pie you look so cutish it all those pics. heehhe, it was fun talking to ya… I got let my weirdness free.

    Your best mother SAAANDY!!

  9. Meg says:


  10. Estie says:

    Wowiee!! man, you’re sooo cwoott!! hehe Wuv you, all your faces and every weird/random thing you doo!! :*

  11. Windy says:


  12. Nikki says:

    awww, u look emooo….pretty though, as always

  13. Windy says:

    Awwwww thanks Nikky!!!
    Oh, and thanks for commenting! Means a lot to me! Love ya!!!

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