Whanna know?

I am giving dancing classes, to girls that are NOT in my home, I’m a dancing teacher!! Pro huh???

You see one of the girls here in the home goes to public school and her class needs to do a dance for a school project. Sooo, Cielo told them about me and yeah, that’s how I came to be a “dancing teacher.”

The girls are doing super well and we’re basically done with the song, PTL!!!

Another thing.

We went to the gym today and Oh…my…..GOOOOD!!! My legs are KILLING me!!! I had nooo idea how out of shape they were, geeesh! Good news is that my upper body is pretty good, but my legs, yeah, they need work on!

And when we came back home for dinner time….CRISIS!!!! There were NO lemons!!! Arrrghhh!
You see lemons and me go hand in had, we’re like, connected. I NEED them!!!
Sigh…..well, praise the Lord he came through and my food tasted okay without lemon, including my broccoli! What a miracle no??? Speaking of broccoli, my plate was almost half full of it!!! What do they think? I’m a bunny or something??? Well I was a truper and ate all of it, be proud!

Sigh…..what a day…..I’m bushed!!!

See ya tomora!


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7 Responses to Whanna know?

  1. Flo says:

    Broccoli………….Yup I am proud of you!! I cant ever eat half a plate of broccoli………never…….Hehehe well mayyybbbeee

  2. Meg says:

    I LOVE BROCCOLI! OMGSH what are you guys saying? Say sorry to the poor broccoli..you hurt it’s feelings….. -talks to imaginary broccoli *It’s okay…I still like you…I like you a lot!*

  3. Kwan says:

    haha! your need for lemons is like my need for chilies!! well looks like you need to do more decorating to get stronger!! “call in the broccoli!!!” lots more for you!! the more the merrier!!!

  4. Windy says:

    Broccoli isn’t that bad, but half a plate???? Nooooo!
    pffft, decorating……that’s just the upper body.
    OMG!!! Salsa is the best too! Just that I CAN live without it….but not my lemons!!!

  5. Flo says:

    Yes, raw broccoli not so bad but half a plate is a bit too much…cooked broccolli……….well yeah…..

  6. Sandy says:

    hahaha you silly little girl. Broccoli was always my favorite when I was a little girl. But then my taste buds got screwed up and now chococate is my favorite vegetable.. it is a vegetable… right?? hahaha Meggie you’re so weird :P. YEAH SAY SORRY.
    Aww, loove.. don’t die. hey.. wadda ya no.. mabe…..you’re legs hurt because of the lack of calcium you have because YOU DON’T EAT YOUR BROCCOLI….or maybe not. Love you, don’t die.
    OMG!! I can’t belive you can’t live without lemon. haha I’ll be sure when I see youto bring a basket of lemons. yum.

  7. Windy says:

    Oh yeshh! That would be awesome mommy!
    ….ehhh no…..I wish…..but my legs hurt because I just started exercising again after a month (ahhh Christmas Season….du ru ruuu!) so yeah…..
    But don’t worry, I LIKE broccoli, a lot, just that ehhh it was a lot, and um….there was no lemons…. and umm, I’m sort of in a rut of um….eating my veggies with lemon!!…..ahhh, Lord help me!!

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