Oh Lord!! This post took me AGES to finish….one day to dowload the pictures into the computer, 3 days to post.

But at last, here they are!! (sigh…..I feel so proud of myself….:P)
So here it is, THE famous, THE awaited, THE coolest post (on the history level) Oaxtepec Ruins!
(Dude! Talking about Mayas here!!!)

Oh, side note, I took all these pictures, unless of course, I’m in it! ;D

Awesome place huh?? This is 2,000 years old!! Talk about…erhhh, old!


My awesome sisters, my cousin Daniela and ME!!

(oh yeah, the reason why these pictures are so grainy is because the lighting wasn’t good, AT ALL…..and we couldn’t take pictures with flash!!….darn!

What does this remind you of???? KustcoooOh oh oooh!!! Man that guy rocks!!!
(Don’t know what I’m talking about??? Okay, ever heard of The Emperor’s New Grove? Yeah, that guy!)


Me and Annie, the awesome duo of First and Last, beside Kustco! (Yes I have officially dubbed this little guy)


This, is a really cool piece of pottery.

(oh, this one I helped Annie take.)


Cool huh??


ROSIIIE!!! Uhh, or Annie, call her what you may… I sort of like Rosie better.
(I call her Rosie when I’m in a good mood, otherwise she’s ANNIE ROSE!)

Yeah, good picture huh?

Okay, imagine this place structures not crumbling and COMPLEATLY white. Yep, that’s what it used to look like, everything, even the ground. In the sunlight??? OMG! Just IMAGINE!!! Sadly, people burned it down.
(yeah! What was up with THEM???)




Errr, in case you are a person who really looks into pictures. The reason why my face looks kind of weird is because I wrinkled my nose just as they took the picture!! Arrggghhh!

Me: “No way!! Dad! You took the picture???”

Dad: “Yes!”

“Can we take another one???”

“Don’t worry, you’ll have your chance, lets move on.”


Sigh…..cruel world…….


HOKAY! Now take a look at that!! Doesn’t it take you back 2,000 years??? Lovely!!


Yeeeeeah….it was cold okay??

A super cool ant!!


Okay, I have no idea why I wasn’t looking at the camera….ooooh, maybe that’s cuz a cute guy was passing no??


AWWWWSOOOOOME!!! Check out the sky!!! I just loooove how this picture came out! Don’t you???


I just love this pic! A curious side to it no?

Girls! Smiiile!!! Click.


I’m telling ya! That sky was breathtaking!!! Ohhh, yeah, and those objects in the middle are us!! Say hi to Luz, Mom, Dani, Misty, Me, Annie, Sunny and Dad!! HIIII!!!

Just looking at it first glance it’s just a lot of pretty pictures but it really has a deep meaning to it. Every symbol means something! It talks about how they re-made their calendar to fix some mistakes they had made. Anyway, to long and complicated to explain each one….sorry!


(Oh my GOD!!!! BIGTIME realization!!!! I look sooo dorky, and…..gulp…..PREGNANT!!!! No way, no WAY!!!)


Poor buildings…..all burned…..wicked people……God’s judgment be upon you!!!! heh


Me, on one of the structures overlooking all the valley.


A purty flower that just had to become a picture.


Yep, I think I’ll end with this pretty lady! A survivor! Really amazing cuz the tree is all dead and thorny yet all these flowers come out of it! GOOOO FLOWER POWER!!!

Okay, I think this is officially the longest post I have made so far…..or at least the one with the most pictures.

Anyway, it’s good, know why??? Because, YOU CAN’T COMPLAIN!!! HA!

That’s why!


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13 Responses to FINALLY!

  1. Meg says:

    omgsh I..being the ‘not interested in old building and all….have to admit that…that place looks pretty awesome!

    I just LOOOOVE the 12th picture! It almost looks fake! So awesome and nicely taken too!

    P.S. as you can tell but I’ll say it anyway! I CAN SEE THIS POST! hehe luvs ya!

  2. Flo says:

    Oh seems pretty cool!! Yes, the sky looks awesome!! I wish I couldve been there with u guys..sighs….

  3. Kwan says:

    Hey Windy!! i can see the photos now!(whatever you did PTL!!) i’ve only seen pictures of the structures its so cool to see it up close (with beautiful models!!)jk!!! i like the 14th photo the ant one,shows how much you love mother nature!! i really like it honestly! well stang the Spanish for burning down the place!!! but wait Mexicans are Spanish desendants too…. well stang them anyway,the 17th and 18th looks like a well or a big toilet!i like the message the last 2 give ike “peace in the midst of the storm”type it was really worth the effort to post it I loved it!!

  4. Kwan says:

    oh btw i forgot you look really good!!!

  5. Windy says:

    For Kwan: Haha, well, it isn’t a toilet or a well (we thought it was) It was part of an observatory, really amazing with that and according to the positions of the sun they could tell when was the sowing, harvest, rain etc. seasons would begin!!!! Actually the own people of the town revolted because of starvation and of disappointment with their gods. Because of that they burned down the city and moved to other places which later helped for the Aztecs to rise.
    And the aunts were super duper cool, they even made their own trail, it was like 10 meters long,!

    For Meg: Yeah, it was super neat seeing all of this up close! I know right?? I really like how the depth came out too! I love you too!

    For Flo: I knoooow! I wish you could have been here too! Sob…..

    For all of you: Thank the Lord that you can see this post! I almost (almost) freaked out.

  6. Windy says:

    Wow, RECOOORD!! That I think was my longest comment! cool!

  7. Sandy says:

    WENDY STOP YOUR SILLIESS!! You do not!! I REPEAT DO NOT!! look dorky. You look like you’re cold. but hidden beauty is always the best. AND you’re not pregnant.. I mean.. YOU BETTER NOT! haha, that shirt just goes “puff” sumtimes. 😀
    Man, its amazing….really sumthing worth seeing.
    I should go there a rebuild it all ;;) and we can all live there!! – smiles-…..* thinks about it * no better not!

  8. Windy says:

    ahhh, that WOULD be amazing…..We could all be indians!!! COoool! My name would be Pocahontas!! PRIMIS!!!!
    Eheh, no worries mommy, I haven’t run off with some guy……..yet….. 😀

  9. Sandy says:

    Ahem, I don’t want to hear about pregnancies.. till I’m a hundred ok!! 😛
    PRIMIS! OMg… I haven’t heard that word in ages.
    Well, last I heard… Pocaspompas.. was a native american indinan And we’re in mexico.. RIGHT??
    Naw, I’ll call you sumthing like tenchilocoltlitla.
    Those mexican indian names are such a mouth full. 😛
    OH WENDY! I think you need to come visit me! :> hehehe

  10. 2wildwindyheart says:

    Awww maaaan! That’s true!!……grumble……
    I’ll have to think of a name! hahaha or I can be Titla! You know, short for Tenoschilocoltitla hahaha
    Yes, I agree…..I do! SOON I hope…..

  11. 2wildwindyheart says:

    Hahaha, my sisters and me use the word primis all the time.

  12. EEEwwwsss I look DISGUSTING on the 17 and 18 pics yuck!!

  13. 2wildwindyheart says:

    Baah, HUMBUG you silly girlie…..I don’t think so….you look PERFECTLY fine…..OKAY????

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