The day after Christmas…..

OMG! Like soooo sorry guys! This a super DUPER belated post! I was rummaging through my drafts and found this! Well, better late than never and “tarde pero sin sueño!”

Here ya goooo!

Yep, that’s right, my dear cousin, turned 9 at our house! The day after Christmas…..(whoa! POWERFUL title!!…..I think I’ll call it that… hi fiiiive???) So yeah, this crazy, wacko girl who could win a contest for “Weirdest faces EVER” turned nine (uhh, sort of, LITERALLY on the 28th but hey, the 26 isn’t sooo far back.) at our house!!! Super fun party!

Most of da gang!

Eheh……..ewwww! I look dorky!! But everybody else looks awesome….heee

(oh, OH! You know who I look like??? The prince of Ever After! Horray…..! …..I’m a …..guy?….)

Cool “cake” huh??? I DID IT EVERYBODY!!! (ahhh loooove king Julian! Whoever thinks king Julian of Madagascar rocks say AYE!!!) AYE!!!

You see, Jasmin didn’t want a cake (something about her being to “Old” for that kind of stuff…..erm….could somebody help this girl??!!?) so I made her a cookie tower! Cool huh?

OMG……..Miss cool and Miss Dorky… again…….anyone know that girl???

Smile, SMILE SMIIIIILE!! awww come on?? That’s the most you can do????

Here they are, (Next day, the 27th) playing with water. (hey! Better than playing with the other owie, burny element…right?)


Whoot WHOOT! Here is all the Garcia Family! Awesome bunch of cool people ey???

We are just, the coolest…..sorry…… haha



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4 Responses to The day after Christmas…..

  1. Flo says:

    Ahahaha, Her faces are sooo funny!! Happy B-days!! Late as always….. At first I thought the cake looked like the biscuits ur dad makes but with icing on top 😀

  2. Eww I look yucky in that last pic…

  3. Kwan says:

    Geezzz!! for my whole life i thought i was the coolest!! haha! you guys always have great fun i’m starting to miss communial living!! your face looks a little grubby(sorry) but yeah your going great as our “entertainer”!! did you see the video? i told you about?

  4. Windy says:

    Yes I did, thanks!
    And yeah, Jaz is THE coolest…..sorry….. 😛

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