You know, it’s weird…..

This last year passed by waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay to fast…..yet at the same time, it also feels like it was an eternity ago. I look at all these pictures and occasions and when I tell people about them, it’s like if I’m telling them of my early childhood. Suddenly I’m reminded, “OMG, that happened only last year!”

See, I told you. Weird.

For example, I feel like my 15th birthday was ages ago…..and in reality not even a year has passed by since then……yet.

I guess it’s just that too many major things happened last year and my mind can’t really calculate how all that happened in just one year, one little year……. So it adds up or something trying to make everything fit in, but it can’t. So it has to make it look like it was a long time ago…..

(Okay, so I guess this sorta confirms what you had suspected all along…..I’m a freak. …..sigh…..I knooooow…..)

Sorry if I’m boring you out of your wits, it’s just that it helps getting it out on paper you know??

…..heh, or should I say, computer screen……?


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7 Responses to You know, it’s weird…..

  1. Flo says:

    Hahahaha, Yeah Dont worry I feel tha same way…
    A loooong time ago….it was Windys Birthday

  2. Kwan says:

    Yep i totally agree this last year was so fast and slow at the same time ( crazy i know!!) even though your Quinceañera was quite a long time ago for you but for me its been only 2 months since i read that post and all the others ( which are very interesting let me tell you) all the way till now ( like a year worth of your life)but hey keep it in mind your turning 16 soon!! and only 16 thats not a big number unless your like “OMG i’m going to turn 17 now!!” well keep posting and keep all us good readers happy!!!

  3. Estie says:

    Hee I know exactly how you feel…. yeah it seems strange and weird and odd but its alright, we all know exactly what you mean 🙂 heh I still can’t get over being 17!!! Whaahh!!! oh well I love you you silly crazy gril!

  4. Oh, oh, OOOOOHHH! You commented, YOU COMMENTED!!! I’M SOOOOOOO HAPPY!!!!!
    ahhhh! Tell the whole world! hahaha, Love you Estie!

  5. Oh, sorry, that was written by me.

  6. Estie says:

    Hahah yeah… i realized I hadn’t visited your blog in some time and then i come in and hey completely relatable and i just HAD to comment 😛 anyways love u tonss! 🙂

  7. Windy says:

    Sank you!!! ooooohhhhh sank you!!!

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