San Bartolo

San Bartolo is a small, very small and poor comunity at the outskirts of Puebla (a Mexican State) I think it has like around 600 inhabitants all mainly living off what the earth gives them.

This last December we were invited to participate to the Posada the town would have for all who would come, so, we took our show with us. You see, one of the uncles here in the home has a project with this community. They help them build houses and workshops with different materials people donate. We also distribute some “despensa” (everyday basic house materials: Soap, food, brooms, plates, cups, pans etc.)

The people where super receptive and as a gift to us they offered us a meal, which is how we came up eating 3 meals in one afternoon. For them it was really, the best they could offer. They fed us of their best food, almost what they would eat in one week they gave it to us in one meal, which explains why we had to eat everything in our plate. Because they don’t have spoons we had to eat our food (I guess for all of you who don’t know what “Mole” means, the closest thing it comes to is like, a very thick soup with either meat or some sort of veggie in it.) Since it’s sort of soggy, you had to use a lot of tortillas to eat half a plate of this stuff, so we got pretty full…..

The show went really well, Thank you Lord! Everyone prayed to receive Jesus into their heart.

This is one of the little huts. They use this as their kitchen and dinning room.

The girls presenting “I’d like to be a C-mas tree!

Misty, giving the kids some donuts that Costco donated. (for the kids, this is like, a new toy or something really, really special!)

Giving out “Paletas Payaso” (Clown, chocolate/ marshmallow lollypop.)

Most of the people who attended.

My dad, giving out Jesus posters. Cool shot huh? heeee, I took it! Yay!!!

(actually I took most of these pictures, the rest my dad took)

Annie, giving ponche (a special C-mas drink) to the kids.

Arrgghhh! This picture would have been perfect if the zoom hadn’t gotten crazy on me at the last second…..sigh…see how focused Misty is and the background blurry? PERFECT I tell you, perfect!! sigh…..

Mom, singing “God is good to me” with the kids.

The girls, waiting to pass out the drinks.

The ladies that did the Ponche.

Misty, passing out drinks.

Kids, happy with their little, yummy surprises.

(I showed them the picture after I took it…yah, digital, and they totally flipped out! They were giggling and pointing at themselves, for them that was like, “wow!”)

Two men, reading the posters we gave them.

A lady I took a picture of reading the poster.

Aunty Dawn, pray for her arm!!

A little girl, enjoying her lollypop

Me, leading the train song.



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8 Responses to San Bartolo

  1. Kwan says:

    What an inspiration!! i’m performing for childrens’ day tomorrow!! looks like a very poor place God bless you guys!! thats how it looks like here too…….sad no? well good work !! I’ll pray for you all!!

  2. MOM says:

    Yup, yup!! I will be waiting for the story of this show!!

  3. Windy says:

    OMG!!! MOM!! YOu commented???? ahhhhhh!! TELL THE WHOLE WORLD!!!!
    ……hmmmmm though… it you? I mean, you used the word….yup…..?

  4. Windy says:

    Wait….Sandy, is it you?

  5. Flo says:

    Omgsh!! Sorrryyyy WIndy!! I didnt realize it had my moms name!! Its just she had commented on Joans blog so…..SOORRRRYYY!!!

  6. Windy says:


  7. Estie says:

    Haaa those C’mas trees!!! sigh they bring such memories of me being one hhehe….

  8. 2wildwindyheart says:


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