My wishes for 2010

  1. Finish 10th grade, finish 11th grade halfway.
  2. Go to dancing lessons.
  3. Be super fit. (Hey, before you gimme those eyes, this is a worldwide New Year’s resolution okay??)
  4. Be able to sing, pro.
  5. That there is a camp.
  6. That I find a good boyfriend.
  7. That my uncles can visit a lot.
  8. That it doesn’t get too hot…..please Lord!??
  9. To learn how to put on makeup professionally.
  10. That my 16th birthday is really awesome.
  11. That being 16 isn’t freaky for me.
  12. That I can get closer to the Lord…..HUGGSIES!!

About Windy

Ha! You want ME to describe myself in a 140 word box??? Think again! Just go to the "About Me" section and find out more!
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4 Responses to My wishes for 2010

  1. Flo says:

    Oh, yeah boyfriend is needed for you!! Jesus please supply the bestest boyfriend for Windy so she wont be so lonely, call on the keys of supply, Amen 🙂

  2. Windy says:

    OMG! Sweet girl!!! I love you!!!
    Sigh…..hard as I try……I can’t be mad at you anymore!! (grumbles and mutters…..)

  3. Flo says:

    Oh, phew!! I love you too!!! :*

  4. Kwan says:

    wow you actually manage to put it on paper!! i can never do that no words come to me!! although weird as it sounds i do my resolutions on my birthday its like “new you” so you need to change get it? anyway if i was a Genie i’d grant them all!! looks like you really want them!! but i’ll pray for you i’m sure you’ll accomplish them!!love you heaps!!

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