I was a doctor’s helper today…

Yep, that’s right! I even rode on an ambulance……..let me start at the beginning of the story…….AHEM!!!

ONCE UPON A TIME there were these kids…….who went……ICE SKATING!!! Yep as you can tell, that was us!

So after they waited for two hours for the skating rink to open (yeah, we wanted to be the first ones, or else you have to stand in line, behind 200 people…..yeah, NOT GOOD!) Finally, their long-awaited skating rink opened.
Everything was going smoothly yet at the end……TRAGEDY!! DISASTER!!! (okaaay, not THAT bad…..)

Aunty Dawn is in the floor!!

“What??” I think as I skate to her.



Sitting there is Dawn….holding…..her broken hand……..

I’m thinking, “OMG, OMG, OMG, OMG!!!”

(Yeah, this was the first time I ever saw a broken wrist.) But man!!! It was pretty bad, it looked like if her hand was cut off her arm and it was barely stuck together by her skin. I don’t think it was that bad…..but it looked pretty awful!!

“Call her husband!” someone yelled

“Got to find Phil, got to find Phil!” I’m thinking hysterically. Ahh, there he was!!! Lena was there talking to him. (I later found out she was telling him about Dawn too.)

“PHIIIIL!!! Aunty dawn broke her hand!!” I yelled then skated back where the rink helpers had made a circle around aunty Dawn and were bringing a wheelchair.

“Thank you so much for skating here with us today! Time is up! The skating rink will now close” The speakers boomed. (Yeah, she broke it like, minutes before the hour was over!)

Then they started taking her on the wheelchair into this First Aid tent……BY HERSELF!!!

“What? NO!!” I think as I push through the people, going the opposite way…….

“Hey, you can’t skate the opposite way!” One of the helpers told me.

“I’m with her.”


So they opened the little side door and I was able to step inside the tent where they were attending Dawn.
Thankfully one of the girl helpers was from the States so she understood English and was able to translate before I had arrived. (yeah, advantages of speaking two languages, PTL) And helped me when things got to technical. I prayed with Dawn for her wrist to get better and for it to heal very soon. The first aid people got her a…what do you call it…..sort of like a cast…..a sprinter? Something like that anyway, to keep her arm in place.

By then Uncle Phil arrived and he was able to comfort Dawn.They called an ambulance and asked us where to take her. We had to get to the hospital, that was clear, but Uncle Philip needed to take the kids, so they asked me if I could accompany her in the ambulance.

Once inside they gave her some sort of liquid to compensate her blood and regulate it (they took her pressure and it had dropped pretty bad) It also helped her because she started to feel like she was going to faint, because of the shock and low blood pressure. Anyway during this time I got to help the guy nurse a little bit, translating and cutting this special surgical tape so that he could keep the needle in place. (yeah, I felt good being able to do something…….even though it was just cutting a piece of tape)
Well, we arrived at the Children’s Hospital since they know a doctor there. Turns out, they can’t attend to her because she (obviously) is not a child and the doctor wasn’t there. But the ones that were there were super kind. (They knew about us and our work because of the shows we did there) and they told us that they would attend to her in the “Hospital General” (General hospital) which was just across the street.

So we phoned Uncle Phil and told him we would be there.

Then the questions began! My Lord I had never felt so lost in my LIFE!!! Good thing I knew where we lived, but the phone……their real names…….oh boy! Luckily in the ambulance Aunty Dawn had told me her real name and last name…..but other things were…..difficult…..I don’t even know the phone number of the house!!!

“Ummm what about your cellphone?” The lady-in-charge-of-asking-questions asked me.

“Uhh, I don’t …..have ….a cellphone..”

She gave me a look that asked what century I lived in…….

After that was over she instructed me to go inside, give some information of Dawn so that they would register her, and come back to answer some more questions.

GAHH! Trembling (no kidding) I went inside to this lobby. People waiting, kids crying…..GOSH!! I never felt so ……helpless…….teeny and alone. (I know, I know, it sounds melodramatic…..but not knowing anybody and not really sure where to go…..yeah….Not good!)

I went up to the line of two people waiting. “Please Lord, help this to be the window the lady was talking about!” It was, PTL! After I answered the questions the lady told me I could sit down. So I did.

AHHHH! Heavenly music started playing as I saw the familiar faces of my sisters, Lena, Alex and Uncle Phil as they arrived. He went to check on Dawn while we sat down. The first lady I had talked to came up to me.

“Oh, man! I forgot!” I thought.

“Here you are!” she said “I kept thinking she’ll be here…..but you never came” she laughed. (she was super sweet!) I gave her a sheepish grin and followed her into the teeny “office.”

Here I had to tell her what happened, where etc. So that she would give it to the City… something (I can’t remember) being that Dawn hurt herself in a government event.

When that finished I sat back down with the kids and we all told our sides of the story.

Again, that lady came, this time I had to go with ANOTHER lady. Sigh…..

The question was simple.

“Was she hurt by someone else? Did someone push her? Or did she fall on her own.”

“No, she fell on her own.”

“Oh, okay, that will be it. Thank you!”

You see, they needed to know if it had been caused or if it was just an accident. In case it was they would send a file to the place, etc. I guess to just make sure people are more careful.

Thankfully that was it. I sat back down (again!) and this time to stay.

Finally Gabe came to pick us kids and take us back to the house.

So, here I am! Uncle Phil and Aunty Dawn are still there and she needs an operation. So pleeeaase pray for her, the doctors, and for everything to go well!



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4 Responses to I was a doctor’s helper today…

  1. Flo says:

    Omgsh, I know I read it in your other blog, Misty sounded more dramatic though…..I will pray!!

  2. Jaja that was because she told her part of the storie (which of course was less dramatic than mine…) and I told more of my side….

  3. Stephanie says:

    Horrified face and laughter provoking Winds! I’ll pray for her

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