So, as I promised……

My day was going to be… perfect.

A perfect schedule for a perfect day……. when suddenly…..

“Oh, Windy, we’re going singing for our contacts in the market today, are you ready?”


“Didn’t they tell you?”


“Oh, well, we’re leaving in half an hour.”

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! (That my friends in girl time is like 5 minutes!!)

Poof. Just like that my perfect day disappeared.
I ran to my room to change (leaving it a mess…..sigh….in my perfect schedule I was going to clean it!!)

Oh well. I put on my clothes, put on my makeup, did my hair, etc. And quickly ran to the car.

Man, I was supposed to bake cookies today….

So off we went, to the market, MY …….GOD!!! I had never EVER seen a market like this. (maybe in a childhood memory or something……) squashing, pushing and whistles (yeah, WHISTLES!!!) and “hola guerita!” (means hello blondie…yeah, for them I’m blond…white girl……you know what I mean) all over the place!

But ahem, all in all it went well.

After we went home I got to rest for a teeny bit. (I was able to take a shower, whew!)

ANNDD surprise of surprises! We have a show!!! Gah!

So we all quickly, in record time, got “ready” for the show, jumped in the car and went off to meet the rest of our team in WalMart….That my friends was a juggle, the place was like, FULL!!

Anymoo, after that we quickly made it to the posada, whew, just in time! OH! But guess what??? WE FORGOT THE BARS!!!! Yeah, big blow off!  Sigh… my dad had to go back for it while I tried to figure out where each little cable for the sound system went……..(Yeah, me and cables, NOT good idea….) One good thing is that the people there had a sound system so my mom was able to do a few games. (SAVEEED!!!)

FINALLY my dad got back with the bars and up the theater went!

Everybody is waiting in the back of the stage, this is it!! The big moment!
Everything is going perfectly fine while we do Aires Navideños. We finally get to the last part. (Song:) “Uuieeeeeeh! Eh! Eh! Eh! Eh! Eh! Eh!”

(Thinking) “OH MY GOD!!!”

That’s right, the CD was scratched, SCRATCHED!!! AHHH! And not just that, it skipped back!!! So for a split second we sort of just stood there thinking my dad would pause the song and end it, but oh no! We had to start from almost a little past the middle, AGAIN.  But we were trupers and all went well till the last part….again…. “Uuieeeeeh! Eh! Eh! Eh!………” Umm hmm! scratched! Thankfully this time it ended…….but it was still, quite embarrassing….

AHHHH! My gosh! Oh, well, thankfully the rest of the show went beautifully. No scratches! Wheeew!

So there was my perfect day that didn’t turn out perfect in my way, but that ended with beautiful results: 200 souls for Jesus’ kingdom!


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3 Responses to So, as I promised……

  1. Ahahaha Rofl…srry about that….some things are just meant to be that way…we had a show recently in plaza…Juarez? And we were so proud of ourselves for doing a great job…..for five ppl 😦 Hmph…and we didnt even do the prayer! And we are going to the market to sing tommorow :O !! Pray that it goes well….porfis?

  2. 2wildwindyheart says:

    Of course!

  3. OOhh you shouldn’t have reminded me windy that was sooo embarrassing!! But thankfully it all DID go well at the end!!

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