That’s why!

What’s up neggas??? (heh, inside joke….of something you don’t know……muahahaha)

Yep, I bet you are all probably wondering, “WHAT ON EARTH HAPPENED TO WINDY???” “Has she disapeared from the face of the earth?” “Has she forgotten us…….abandoned us?…..”

Well, don’t worry and don’t panic. You can all start breathing now beacause the answer to all the questions is: No.
No, I have not disappeared from the face of the earth (maybe off the face of my laptop for a few days….) I haven’t been picked up by some cute Alien people and taken off to Mars, and no I have not forgotten all of you, never ever!!!! Aaaaand anwering the question of what happened to me, well…….. I went on a Road Trip! Yay!!!…………..Well, sort of like a roadtrip……..

We were supposed to stay the night in a hotel over in this other city, but it got late and all the owners had left already……… And since it was only 50 minutes from where we live, it wasn’t to bad driving back and fourth and all.

It was soooo much fun! (Like, NO idea!!) In those short and long three days I found out that Lynnette is one of the most awesome, cool, funny, and crazy YA’s of all times!!! I mean seriously, we had a blast!!!
You see, she’s sorta crazy too and we like (so cool!!) basically think the same thing!!! Aaaaawsooooome!!! We had so many jinks it was crazy!!! But yeah, it was so much fun! We were being so random!! Like, basically at that time somebody could have said, “Oh, look! The grass is green!” and I would have doubled over laughing!!! (OMG, I’m doing that right now….weeeeeeiiirdddd…….) Hmmmm, must be Lynnetteiness is rubbing on……..

Ahem, now that you know my other side…(…ehh…oops…..) I can continue.
But hey, don’t get me wrong! I can be perfectly “normal” and proper if I want to and the situation calls for it.

Okay, back to my story.

It wen’t really good TYJ. We were able to sell lots of CD’s at this one restaurant and traded going there and back to Mega (which is like a Soriana, WalMart, S Mart, sorta supercenter) where my parents were selling material and painting faces. The really cool thing is that everytime me and Lynnette went over people basically crouded around the place when it had been lonely and dead before. (I know, it’s only Jesus and our sexy bodies :P) We had like this magical touch, SERIOUSLY!!! Like, we even went into this one store that was like, EMPTY, and we walked around looking at girl stuff and bam!!! It was suddenly full, just like that! (snaps fingers) I know, we’re just so cool……..

Okay, enough vanity and blah, blah. It seriously is only Jesus….and our se…..umm, I won’t go there……

Well, we are on our Christmas push right now, which means we are busy, like BIG TIME. So pray that I shall have enough minutes in a day to come and write for all of you darlins!!! Okay? (using a voice I use for Fluffy and Snowfflake) Good girls! Good boys!!)

Well, see ya’ll! Be crazy for Jesus, amen?


About Windy

Ha! You want ME to describe myself in a 140 word box??? Think again! Just go to the "About Me" section and find out more!
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8 Responses to That’s why!

  1. Kwan says:

    “neggas??”as in Nigger? as in Negro?(just trying to guess) You and your se….!!!! really did you have to mention it?? ( of course you had too,you do “ab flatteners!!”) (“flatteners” just gives me a “popped tire feel”) anyway yeah we Family people have God’s glow in us ( so they accually saw Jesus!!) ok maybe you can get some credit(only a little!!) hey i just sold 33 of those “picture card” thingys cool huh?( i’ve told you about it before no? anyway enjoy the season!! and don’t get sick!! keep up the good work!!

  2. Meg says:

    KWAN! why why why…are you stalking everyone? I mean who else did you add? goshhh….. and umm I do not get a single thing you just wrote there….
    hey windy talk to meee! I miss youuuu!

  3. Windy says:

    I miss you too luv!!!

  4. Kwan says:

    Um.. Windy which Meg is this?

  5. Kwan says:

    Did you understand any of what I said Windy?

  6. Windy says:

    Meg of Japan.
    Uhhh…….sort of……..

  7. Windy says:

    Hahaha reading back yeah, you did change the subject quite a lot!

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