I’m dreaming of, I’m dreaming of…….

I’m dreaming of a whihight Christmaas………! (ahem, that was the song version)

Sigh, but alas, that is all it shall be. Today, Dec. 2nd 2009 is as Sunny and as perfect a weather as you can get, so yeah, no snow for me this year……..sigh again…..

BUT!!! It does feel a teeny bit more like Christmas everyday, not just because of the Xn’s, Gen Up’s, Links, etc. (which of course are a HUUUUGE part of it too!) but yesterday we set up the Christmas tree and some decorations…….ahhhhh!

Well, I’ll post some pictures of the tree later (it came out so purty!!!) and of some decorations of the house.

EEEEEEEEE! And guess what???? Our first show is this Saturday!!! Thats right, in exactly three days, five hours, 13 minutes and 54 seconds we shall have our very first Christmas, show! (heh, joking about the hours…I really don’t know at what time it is going to be yet….. 😀 )

But yeah, that is basically the “news” for now! Love ya!!


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8 Responses to I’m dreaming of, I’m dreaming of…….

  1. Flo says:

    AHH!!Coincidentically(If that is a word :P) Thats Exactly when our first show is going to be too!!

  2. niki says:

    That’s sooo awesome…we are too!
    Oh my God, it’s like such a coincidence…or is it?
    Well like, our first big show (at the Cena benefica) cuz we’ve already went singing in restaurants once (one morning in 2 restaurents) to fundraise for costumes, outfits or wtv. Anyways it went really good and we got out 39 cd’s!

  3. niki says:

    Good luck to both of u on ur shows…

  4. niki says:

    Ohh by the way gurls, sorry I haven’t posted like forever…and ever…but hey. It’s not that bad, and as I write the pics are uploading soo u can have fun looking at them as soon as I post them!
    4Windy only!: Can u pls give me lena’s email and skype if she has one…thanks oh and tell her to look at my blog!…
    Thanks, ur a true friend!
    hehe jk…jk

    (dont killme…im 2 old2die)

  5. Windy says:

    :O!! What do you mean you’re joking??? So I’m not a true friend huh??? Humph……..!
    Yeah! Sure thing! I’ll ask her as soon as I can and send it to your blog, okay?
    Love ya!

  6. Kwan says:

    You guys have early Christmas season shows!! ours is still on the horizon ( or should i say the next snow capped mountain for the Christmas feel!!!) but “when ever it rains it pours!!!!” so it gets really busy around the third week of December( and i can’t play the song fluently yet!!!(pulling on hair!!!!!) i’ve got this annoying G9 flat and a nerve wrecking F minor sharp to play!! please pray for me!!

  7. 2wildwindyheart says:

    Sure thing!

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