So, for the first time in 10 years.…we had a fellowship with other homes! It was super fun!

I felt like a sardine! For me that day was like, packed to THE brim! I did breakfast dishes (which included, sweeping and mopping the kitchen floor, as well as cleaning the stove and refrigerators, AND washing all the dishes and pans that the people used for making their own breakfast….whew…breathtaking sentence…) which took me like an hour and a half.
While I was doing the dishes, Uncle Phil asked me if I knew how to do frosting, to which I replied I didn’t, but after a while I remembered we have this awesome cooking book which did have a recipe for frosting. So I finished dishes, ran to my sister’s room, gave them quick  tips about their clothes, and ran back to give the recipe book to Uncle Phil. After that I helped to organize the decorations in the living room (because, though God bless him for painting the living room and taking that awful blue color off…Peter isn’t really one to decorate…) So I helped him out and decorated the living room, (which took me like 40 min.)
Then ran back to my sister’s room to help them out with their clothes, and ran back,to my room to get dressed while Annie kept on asking me to do her hair. So I walked back with her to her room.
Once their I started to comb her hair and this crazy thought popped into my mind….”Why don’t I cut her bangs?” She said yes, so I did! She looks super cute! Though she was shocked of course (I knew the feeling after cutting mine too) and was whiny for a little bit, but after a little prodding that she really did look okay, she was fine with it.
Once that got done Uncle Phil asked me if I would help him frost the cakes..(remember The Blob???) So I did, aaaaand I got to meet Peepers!!! (well, the guy that does him anyway..) I know it’s crazy, but I have wanted to meet him ALLLL my life! (hee, of course, when I was little I expected a dog, not a human…) And he even did Peepers voice for me! I totally flipped!! It was awesome!!! (ehh, forgive my super impulsive attitude…’ll have to bear it okay?)
So, once the cakes were frosted I took them to the main house (we were in the bungalow) and put them in the fridge and freezer (some in the fridge, some in the freezer) to save for later. By then people had arrived so after saying my hello’s and nice to meet you’s the girls and I jumped in the trampoline for a while (Ahem, a BIG WHILE) and Lena tought me how to do this Arc with my back (like, halfway of a back flip) that I have been wanting to do, for like, forever!
FINALLY they called us for food, so we jumped off and ran to get our plates and eat the yummy chicken and beef (heh, talk about a thanksgiving dinner…..well, I guess the chicken is like the cousin of the turkey anyway….okay fine! maybe second cousin……oooh, whatever…..gobble, gobble…..)
Ahem, now back to the story. Around this time Fisher, and two other uncles…(EEEE! I forgot their names….darn…) started singing for all of us these really fun and cool songs while we kids (ahem….I mean, “kids” as in not being 18 years old yet………. Okaaay FINE THEN!!…Us miiinooors….gosh!) played a ball game that was like a spoof (heh, remember Flo?? Goof?? hahahahaha) of “hot potato”.
After this we prayed and gave thanksgiving (after all wasn’t that what is was about??) and some people started leaving while we organized a game of football soccer. It was pretty fun, we ended in a tie and everyone happy.
(Gosheee! I mean, this is probably the game I have done THE most flops in my life!!! I missed like 6 perfect shots for a goal, my shoe went flying off, did a penalty (..stupid hand….) which got a goal in, and kept on falling all over the place! Talk about humiliating! I mean, a nine-year old kid stole the ball from me!! Oh, well, praise the Lord! He does it to keep me humble amen??)
After that, “fun” game, we went cloud gazing for a while then played a kneeling volleyball game…with a tennis net, and talked a little, said random jokes etc. Finally mi mom called us, it was time to go to bed, and end a fun day……….
Okay so I bet you are all dying for this part, so here it is…..THE END ( taa daa!!! Never takes much to make ya happy!)

Cielo and Sunny…..being random….


Annie with her new haircut!


Ehhh, no, watch closely…I am NOT touching my but!




Weeee!!! Talk about fun! heh..


Misty with dear little Juju! He shall pass on to history as the Pollyano baby! Tully and example for us to follow!

(eeh, okay for all of you who don’t know what I am talking about, Julian is like, one of the happiest babies I have ever, I mean EVER seen! During all the time I have been here I have heard him cry only once! And now he has like this rash from some allergies he has and is a super little fighter! Always has a smile on his face! GBH!!


Us, ourselves and we!

Playing “Hot ball” (aahahaha, get it hot potato=hot ball??? hahaha…ha…ha……ha……erm……)

Hungry fellas!!


Awesome people.

Awesome photos,

Awesome you,

For awesomely reading my awesome post!

Love ya!


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7 Responses to Thanksgiving!!

  1. Flo says:

    Aw cool you guys seemed to have fun! We had this awesome dinner for Thanksgiving and J.Ps party….poor guy he got sick from the tummy on his birthday 😦 hard luck……but anyhow I helped to cook…YAY!! 🙂 I made this fruit salad with um yogurt and I served my plate full and was going to go for seconds so I could have my fruit salad but I got STUFFED!!Sooooo sadly only around 3 people ate my fruit salad….sigh….I WORKED FOR ABOUT AN HOUR ON THAT!!!>:( AHHHH!!!SOOOO MAD!!anyhow we had fun afterwards believe it or not playing wwwitthhhhh……HOTWEELS!!ahahaha can u believe it!! No girls to do stuff with and the other boys didnt want to play soccer with me soooo what can I say??Hee!Miss u guys!Muah Muah Muah!!!

  2. Flo says:

    Aw man, just looking at the background of all those pics is killing me… guys have a perfect yard!!Sigh…….

  3. 2wildwindyheart says:

    I know right?? Muahahaha… can come visit if you like……….
    Hahaha, I just read your last comment! LOL!!!!
    I miss you too! You should kick the guys but for not letting you play………actually I will!

  4. Flo says:

    ahahaha thx windy, youre doing me a grand favor there!

  5. 2wildwindyheart says:

    You’re welcome love!!!

  6. Kwan says:

    Hey I didn’t expect to see the rest of the photos here!!

    Lovely house btw huge garden and the trapoline is a total winner!!

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