Finally, it has arrived……..CERVANTINO POST!!!!

I know, you are all dying to know how it was, so I will tell you a little bit about our days there.

Day 1- Arrival day:

Set of in the Coffee Shop’s home suburban, squished like sardines!

Provisioned gas, sold CD’s

Arrived late at night, were able to successfully put up the tent and lose my suitcase (oh no!!!!)

Ate a yummy dinner, aye, aye, came in just thee right time!

Made several conversations like: “Oh, hi!!!” “I haven’t seen you in soooo long!” “How have you been” “Nice to meet you!” etc.

Went to bed. (exciting huh?)

Day 2-Fellowship day!:

Woke up amazingly rested (considering I had just a blanket to sleep on!),

Got dressed, washed my face, put on makeup etc

Found my suitcase, (I was soooooooo relieved!!)

Ate breakfast

Had inspiration time with everyone (today was fellowship day, yay!)

Talked with people, did random stuff, like walk around in circles.

Had wordtime,

Stood in an ENORMOUS line to get my plate,

Ate lunch,

Can’t remember….

Watched the guys practice for a skit they were going to present, (super heavy!)

Took a freezing shower,

Went out to Guanajuato to pass out flyers


Ate dinner,

Talked some more,

Went to bed.

Day 3 Fellowship and witnessing day:

Woke up with a little bit of a back pain,

Did what you do when you wake up,

Ate breakfast…(again)

Had word time

Walked and talked around with Sandy

Got some cool Descubrete shirts,

Went to the Centro (downtown) of Guanajuato and passed out flyers and gave Free Hugs,

Ate lunch, (super good gorditas!)

Had to go back home because of the freezing weather and due to the fact I had just the Descubrete shirt on and a measly sweater…..

Went to bed for a nap

Woke up

Had some fellowship,

Ate dinner, (at 2am!!)

Had more fellowship,

Went to bed.

Day 4 Witnessing day:

Again, woke up,

Got ready

Had B-fast

By today a few friends I knew arrived, (so I wasn’t lonely anymore! Yay!

Talked with my friends,

Had w-time

Jumped in the pool, was there for a little while.

Took a shower,

Had some serious P&P time, (Prophecy tent today! EEEE!!!)

Got ready to go out,

Arrived at Guanajuato,

Ate lunch at this restaurant

Gave Free Hugs for a while, passed out flyers, and finally my turn arrived to be in the prophecy tent! (from 9pm to 12:30 pm) Thank the Lord for his grace! I wasn’t tired!

Went back to the camping place and ate dinner at 1am.

Talked at a fireplace they made (this was THE coldest night!!! EEE I was FREEZING!!)

Hanged around fireplace till 4 am (we had this crazy thing of wanting to see the sun rise, but we weren’t able to….sigh…)

Had the hardest time EVER finding a place to sleep in my tent. (9 people crowded all over the place!)

Finally slept a little while in a corner with a suitcase as my pillow and covered myself with my jacked and bits and pieces of leftover blankets…..

Went to bed

Day 6 Sunday, EXTREME witnessing day!:

Woke up,

Had breakfast at 11

Had inspiration time and everyone told some of their testimonies of the day before,

Had wordtime

Hanged out with my friends,

Went to Guanajuato,

Ate lunch (pizza!!)

Passed out flyers, gave Free Hugs, won some souls,

My turn at the prophecy tent (same hours!)

Packed up,

Went back,

Had some fellowship for a while,

Ate yummy dinner (2 am!)

Hanged around with my friend and some people for a while,

Had better luck this time at finding a place to sleep, (nobody was on my bed this time! Yay!)

Day  7 sigh, today is goodbye day….:

Woke up,

Got my things ready,

Ate breakfast,

Went back to the tent to start packing everything up,

Said goodbye to friends,

Got some pictures and Jeremy Spencer’s autograph

Got in the car….

And drove away, to Mexico City where my dad picked me up.

It was a super amazing time! Got to meet new people, make new friends, and most importantly won souls for Jesus’ kingdom! TYL!!!

Some of the people and the team I went with.


Receiving prophecy for a man who came to the “Destiny Tent”


Me, Jessica, Paz, Imman and Luz!! Super team!

Esther and me!


VALENTINA!!! Oh I hadn’t seen her in years!! Such a pretty girl…sigh … (and me all weird-looking and horribly tall! Sigh…why do I have to be taller than ALL of my friends????)


Anyway here is a lil’ (heh) testimony of what happened in the Carpa del Destino:

Me and Lydia….(I look awful, but oh well…)

Being able to participate in the Cervantino was truly one of the most memorable times in my life! You could really see and feel the Lord’s presence everywhere, touching hearts and changing lives.

During the Cervantino I was able to participate and be one of the “prophets” in the Carpa Del Destino and during that time we would hear from the Lord about any questions that the people would have.  While we were there, a small group of teens and young adults approached our tent. We later found out that they were part of a band and had been witnessed to by some of our partners who later told them about our tent.
There was this one girl in particular who didn’t really want to go in and had been avoiding getting in for a while. After some prodding by two other girls from the band who I had received prophesies for, telling her how cool it had been, she finally agreed to give it a go.
Once inside I asked her if she had a question or something that was in her heart that she would like God to answer.

“Well you see, the thing is that I don’t really believe in God.   Well, I guess I do…sort of, but I seriously doubt if he even loves me.”
Okaaaay so that hit hard! I asked her if she had anything in particular that she wanted to ask God about. She hesitated a little before answering, “Uhh, yeah, you see, I have been in so many relationships and they have all ended the same way, going nowhere. I guess I just want God to prove that He is there and that he loves me.”
I nodded, took her hands and prayed that the Lord would give her a message that would be just what she needed.
What followed was amazing. The Lord told Lidia that he knew exactly was she felt. That he had created that empty spot in her heart that only he could fill. He also told her that he wanted to be her very first love and have that special first place in her life and that he had let those broken relationships happen in her life so strengthen her and, when the time came, to appreciate even more that special person that he would place for her to spend her life with. He also said that he didn’t want for her to imagine him as afar away, stern, judgmental, God who only liked to cause suffering and pain in people’s life, but that he wanted her to imagine him down at her level, as a friend, lover and someone who truly loves her and who she can lean on when the going got tough.
When I was about halfway done Lydia’s hands suddenly started shaking, but I didn’t open my eyes to see what it was because I didn’t want to lose my concentration, but when the message finished I opened my eyes and found her sobbing. I quickly hugged her while she kept repeating, “Thank you! Thank you!” in my ear. I reinforced that Jesus really did care and that He loved her so much that he would have gone through all that suffering even if she would have been the only person in the world who would accept Him. After hearing the message from the Lord she immediately softened and opened up her heart to me.
She explained that when she was one year old and her brother was just a baby, their father had left them and their mom to fend for themselves.  She said how through all the hard times they went through, their mom was always there for them, and so she felt that how she had been acting recently was not fair for her mom. Also how in her job people never paid her any attention even if she was the one that was working the most, and how even her love life had failed.
I asked Lydia if she wanted me to receive another message from the Lord for this situation to which she immediately said yes. She closed her eyes and bowed her head with me while I prayed for her mom, and asked if the Lord had anything to say.

The Lord told her in prophecy that he wanted her to tell her mom about this experience, so that she would know of the happiness only he could bring, also to pray for her constantly as that was not the least she could do but the most. He also mentioned other topics of her life that she needed to change, and to be a testimony of his love for others.
After this message she started crying again while nodding her head as she said “Thank you” all over again. When she left the tent you could really see that new light in her eyes that wordlessly says,
“My life has just been changed for the better.”

And now, lets end this post with a super cool pic of a really awesome person and me :

Jeremy Spencer!!! I love you!!! You are SO AWESOME!!!


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7 Responses to Finally, it has arrived……..CERVANTINO POST!!!!

  1. Meg says:

    Seems like you had a ton of funnnn! Someday you can share that funnn time with me 😉
    One day when I get to see you and when you finally get to be my COOK! Oooh can’t wait!!

  2. 2wildwindyheart says:

    Yes, yes!!! I hope and pray it is soooooon!!!
    Ans since I am learning to cook more, I can fatten you up with even more food!! Yay! heee

  3. Flo says:

    cool testimony windy! I bet if my mom see the picture with you and Jeremy Spencer she would freak out!Hee! She was like telling my dad, “Did you know Jeremy Spencer went to the cervantino?” and he was like “hahaha yeah does that mean we should’ve went?”

  4. 2wildwindyheart says:

    Oh you should tell her!!!!! Tell her to read my blog!!! And to comment….

  5. Flo says:

    Well she does see your blog buuutt apparantly she does not comment………….

  6. 2wildwindyheart says:

    Tell her too!!

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