Wheeeew! I’m so tired!

Yesterday was a great day! Uuhh, weeell, sort of anyway. I was sick the night before last night and yesterday in the morning and had to stay in bed to rest. After 3 pm. I didn’t feel quite as bad (TYL!!) just a little woozy and was able to practice some Christmas songs with the girls.

A, what you could say, is a “good thing” about me is that normally when I get sick it is a one day thing, sigh, PTL!

Oh, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY LINETTE!! Yep, that’s right, yesterday was her birthday. So to celebrate it we went to this buffet (Tks. Lena for helping me out!) that by the way was super good! After that we took some pictures (with her camera….sorry!) and came back home to watch the movie Marley and Me, super nice movie, and so touching!

And well! Today was a different story! We were able to sleep in till 10 am, and after cleaning my room (oh yeah, I forgot to tell you, I moved into my new room with Lena! I’ll take pics of it later; it is soooo messy right now!) I got dressed, helped Lena make a brunch for us both (which turned out to be a brunch for like about 5 more people!) made some orange juice, ate the yummy crapes and drank the yummy orange juice, cleaned up, rested for like 5 minutes and started to make lunch for all the home! (Just me this time though, Lena had to go to her violin class, neeeaaat huh?)

I just finished cleaning up my mess and sank into this comfy couch in the living room to write for you, since I feel pretty bad that I haven’t posted in a while now. (It is just that my parents have needed my laptop, I haven’t been on my computer for more than 12 minutes for like about 5 days!! FREAK OUT!!!!) haha

Oh, and here are some pictures of us this last family day.

Day in the Mountains 018

Climb that mountain, no matter how steep….

Day in the Mountains 019

I love you, you love me…..

Day in the Mountains 022

On a mountain, on a mountain……

Day in the Mountains 029

My family and a few people from the other home went to this really nice place up in the mountains to have a picnic, hike, and do all that kind of stuff you do when you go to mountains (which for me would include asthma……….!!! AHHHHHRRRHHHGGG!!!)

But, don’t worry, I survived.

It was a super fun afternoon, we went all the way up this mounhill (Oh, in case you haven’t yet heard of my new word, it means: hill crossed with a mountain, half hill, half mountain, you get the picture….)and when we came back down “smoked” for a while, (Okay, DO NOT freak out okay? The concept of this type of “smoking is: you get in front of the fire, open your mouth in the smoke (DO NOT swallow it! Tastes nasty!)  hold it and run out of the way of the smoke and exhale it! It’s pretty fun! And I invented it!) Well around that time the place was closing and part of the team (My mom, Sunny, Noela, her dad and brother Memo) were still on their hike, (not climb!) so we decided to have some fun and yell. (Telling them that it was closing) It was real fun to hear our echos!!!
They finally came back and while they were preparing to leave I asked my dad if I could borrow the car and drive it around the place a little bit, since after all, there was nobody around at that time. He looked at me and I thought he was going to say no, but then he put his hand in his pocket and threw me the keys! Yay!
After a looooong, very curvy drive, (ahem, my dad is driving now) we finally got home. I was sooooo yucky, after accidentally falling in the water and fallding down the mounhill on my favorite pants more times than you could count……..(aheheh…..there you have good ol’ clumsy me!…) (oh, and fallding is my new word for falling and sliding, sigh……..I am just in the mood for inventing words today ….awkweird huh?) Well, that ends for now the story of Monday. But just so that you know, I am better now and have been having a blast these past few days. TTL! Oh, and I am going to be posting some testimonies of the Cervantino as soon as I can get the pics from my uhhh, well Iman. (He doesn’t like me calling him uncle, oh but HE can call me “sobrina” alright!……. (muttering under my breath)

Ha, okay so that sounds super mean…….

Anyway, I am going back into the main house to see if the internet came back so I can post the pictures and this post. Wish me luck! (In case you are confused I left the big house when I was around the middle of this post to see if there was any internet in my room.)

Oh, and thanks everybody for surviving this incredibly huarge post! (umm that was my new word for Huge and Large put together)

See ya!


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3 Responses to Updates

  1. Flo says:

    ahaha, now I understand why you havent posted in ages!And Angel said almost everyone in his family cried a bit when ………………..you know the sad part….I didnt want to ruin it for all you people who havent watched it yet…..And windy pleaaassse post pictures when you get the chance!Love ya!-Flo

  2. Windy says:

    I know! I’m sorry! I thought the pictures had downloaded! ARRGGGHHH!!

  3. niki says:

    That’s like so totally awesome!
    Yes please post pics…of Lena, she’s so beautiful
    My gorgeous!

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