Here we are!

Yep that’s it! After an exciting trip from Juarez to Kansas, and from there to Austin, and from Austin to Mexico City, and from Mexico City to Guanajuato, I am finally here! Yep, in my new home in Jiutepec (awesome name huh?) Today is family day and we are getting everything ready to settle in. All our stuff arrived safely, thank the Lord, so now it is time to unpack and make our rooms look like rooms!

Today we will also be going to the birthday party to one of the Kids in our new home. His name is Alex and he just turned 11! The party will be in another home because the pool here is filthy since we didn’t have the chemicals to clean it and the person who normally does was at the Cervantino, so…..

Candy, Fluffy and Snowflake are having a blast! The patio is huge and all (except Fluffy) have been getting along very well with dear Champ (the Boss around here and the most adorable Labrador ever!)

I’m still checking where I am going to sleep, though as soon as I find out I’ll tell you about it and post some pics of it okay? Be patient!

The people in the home are pretty cool! (just so that you know)

And soon, VERY SOON, I am going to have to teach the kids of this home ALL of the dances! LHM!!!!!

Oh, oh! And tomorrow it is going to be Leina’s 14th birthday party! (weeell, birthday anyway, not sure about the party part…..)

Anyway, that is all for now! I’ll post some pics of our new home soon!

Love ya! Tks for watching!


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4 Responses to Here we are!

  1. daddy says:

    Oh cool hey the cervantino is already over??because Raymond and Esther went for the last part of it.-Flo-Miss you guys!

  2. 2wildwindyheart says:

    Yeah, it’s over alright………..sniff…. I had soooo much fun! It was super!

  3. Flo says:

    oh geez….I lied..not on purpose…i thought……that……well um it was uncle josues fault…he said they were going there but when they came back chris told me that they barely made it for the last day so they decided better not…sorry about that..-Flo

  4. 2wildwindyheart says:

    Apology accepted!

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