Small testimony

This was really, just neat so I decided I would post it here!

Anyway, we went to this Buffet with some friends and the waitress we got was a really happy and nice Taiwanese lady. Since the beginning I had a little check to pray with her to receive Jesus but I was a little hesitant considering that almost all of the people from Taiwan are Buddhists. But in the end we decided to give it a go and she received Jesus with me! TLL!!! What was really neat though is that when we finished praying she said that the night before she had a dream where someone told her

“Pon, you have to decide, it’s your choice. Will you chose Jesus or your Buddha?”

Then she happily added, “And now, I chose Jesus!” she was really happy and I felt great! Another soul won for the Lord’s kingdom! TYJ!!!!


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One Response to Small testimony

  1. Stephanie says:

    awesome Windy!
    I even had a little chill go up my back. -smiles bright-

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