So far……

Awwww, man…..*yawn*….I am sooo tired today………….

Waking up at 7:20 (6:20 for me! here it’s an hour different) to, I wish I could say birdies singing, or even Fluffy barking…….but no. I woke up with the sounds of hammers, drills, and whatnot mechanical stuff they were using……

I know, I can read all those questions in your mind, so I will answer them. Si señor! Okay, so we are visiting my grandparents and are staying at the house of the owners who just recently bought the place instead of the regular apartment were my grandparents, and we usually stay. Since they are moving in, some improvements had to made of course, so at 7 am the workers arrived…..and after a few minutes I gave up on trying to go to sleep and got up to take our doggies outside for their needs.

This is our 4th day here, (well, actually 3 and one quarter…..) yesterday we went to church (quite fun) ate at a restaurant with friends (fun, yet not quite fun at the end…their kids were rowdy!) came home and watched a video, and here I am right now! Just came back from walmart were we got some things we needed and a little something for Misty. (Yeah, it’s going to be her birthday soon! The 14th!)

We have been quite busy, as we usually are, and these past few days have been cloudy and cold, fun huh? (It’s a relief, I’ll be able to get white again! Because over in Cuernavaca there is going to be not a whole lot of chance to do that! haha) ANYWAY…enough of me.

We are doing pretty okay, my mom is still sick, Sunny is starting to get sick to, (ahem, I mean, she is sick)  I was starting to but I got better now TYJ!!! Not really serious anyway, just a little sour throat that lasted just one afternoon pheeeew!!! So please, please keep us in your prayers. Ummmmm, well, that is all for now! Love ya!


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One Response to So far……

  1. Flo says:

    Yah yesterday was her birthday but i tottaly forgot! I had to write her and say happy a birthday a day too late…..Thats too bad sunny got sick too?

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