A go away party….

Yeah, I know, that does sound kinda’ funny. It sort of sounds like….well, you know with the “go away” name and all……uuhhh, actually, never mind…….

Anyway, I’ll get you back to the point. It wasn’t really a party but rather a dinner, a very yummy dinner at that, and later we had some cake and ice-cream and the home (uh, at least part of it) prayed for our safe journey and move.

You see, some of the people in the home got sick. We were planning on having a real “party” but you know how it goes, you get sick……weeeeell, you don’t really want to get all your friends sick (who does!?) so we just decided to do something simple, just for us.

It was fun, really, and we all got prayerd up for our take off! One really cute thing about the “event” was that Esteban was praying for us and when he was done Elena interrupted with: “And help them to come back. In Jesus name, amen.”

Awww, I mean, isn’t that a scream! Poor Elena, she couldn’t figure out how it was that we would never come back! haha (well, I mean of course we might come back, you just have to put things that way for kids you know…..)

Anyway, here are some pictures, cuz what is a post without pictures right?…….ehhhh, right?



The girls of the Farr and Jones families!



Here we are with the Rodriguez!


DSC05248And last but not least, the family that is goin’ on the road baby! (aaaahhh, my dad is missing! Has anyone seen him??…..) pffft, what am I saying… of course you haven’t…..!


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4 Responses to A go away party….

  1. Flo says:

    heyy you said that whats a post without pics deshiou?? Wellll…..you post quite a bit of interesting facts and all……..without pics………..hehehehe, jk no worries……….

  2. 2wildwindyheart says:

    That is why I went Eheh!

  3. Flo says:

    A ver yummy dinner? Isnt it a very yummy dinner??hehehehe………………………..I am telling you, you have to double check your work for spelling mishaps………..

  4. WIndy says:

    Psssh! Whatever miss SR!!!!!!

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