So yeah, considering that after all these years of being with the same people I thought I would dedicate a post to what I remember of each member of the home I have lived with these past few years and what makes each one uniquely them!

Uncle Joseph

  • His amazing ability to make you laugh when you are down in the dumps, or at something that well, isn’t really funny in the first place!
  • The way he beats his feet to a rhythm when reading us devotions and how he licks his upper lip when he cant find where he left out.
  • His fun life stories he manages to always sneak through when we are reading about a certain topic that goes along with them.
  • The way he absolutely towers over you, and yet, you don’t feel so small.
  • His yummy eggs with cheese, potatoes,also the yummy pancakes he makes…..(yeah, I just had to put that in *grin*)

Aunty Sarah

  • Her high pitched laugh that makes you want to laugh along with her, even if you just entered the room and have no idea what on earth she is laughing about (that can sometimes be even the way she cooked her quesadillas….)
  • Her amazing ability to be scared of a baby…. puppy, a puppy!
  • The way she holds her earlobe and looks very serious when she is explaining something out of word time or telling a story of her life.
  • How she recently started calling us “Ladies” when she wants us to calm down.
  • Her cute Japanese accent.


  • The way he is so quiet.
  • How he is able to fix your computer like if it was picking up a paper and throwing it into the garbage, that simple! Yet making you stand there thinking, “How on earth did he do that????”

John Paul

  • How he claps his hands and kicks out his leg when he is laughing while normally exclaiming something like, “Ha ha ha, so good!” or “Hahaha, score!”
  • The way he bugs me so much when they either make cookies or bread and he soaks them in a plate full of milk while teasing, “Look what I have here! Yuuuuuumm!” ARRGHHH!!!
  • How he can be simply hilarious
  • The way he can almost spend HOURS in his Nintendo!!
  • How he can be such a smart ass yet be a nice person.
  • The way you feel when he gets to eat something different because of his tummy problems and leaves you there, staring and trying not to drool…….


  • How she pronounces “th” instead of “s”
  • The way she is always such a help and does all these favors for you, even when you see she didn’t really want to.
  • The ability she has to keep her mouth shut when there is an argument in the room, keeping her from trouble (smart girl!)
  • How she is always so thoughtful and and always gives you a present for Christmas, even if it is a small thing.
  • How we have never been able to find out how her real laugh is…
  • How she nods her head slowly and says “Yep” when you tell her something that you see doesn’t really interest her….


  • How she sticks out her chin when she is angry
  • How she started saying “……(random joke)……get it!? Hahaha, GET IT!?!?!”
  • The way when something happens that really isn’t funny she starts laughing a little fake laugh that sounds so funny and makes everyone else laugh too!

Natalie Jones

  • The way she walks while moving her hips that makes her look like she is modeling.
  • How she gets sooooo shy when you complement her.
  • The blank stare she gives you when she doesn’t understand what you said.
  • How she can talk so cute in Spanish………when she wants to…..!


  • How she just blurts things out of the blue that make you stand there in shock for a few moments then make you roar with laughter.
  • How she can walk around the kitchen, totally daydreaming or doing her own thing, for minutes till you ask her what she is doing, and then she just grins her big grin while walking away, laughing nervously and saying, “Eheheh, oh, nushing!”
  • The way she can really big mouth you like if she is in charge and then when you correct her she suddenly turns into a little nothing and starts wiping her eyes and saying “Okay.”
  • How when you are talking to whoever, just immersed in your own conversation and you start laughing you just suddenly hear this other tiny, high and low pitched laugh laughing beside you! You look down and ask, “Elena what are you laughing about?!?” and she answers, “Noshing, you’re just so funny!”

Aunty Faithy

  • Okay, so this just has to be the first thing: her A-M-A-Z-I-N-G cooking skills! I am reeaaally going to miss her food!
  • The way she laughs
  • How she was the first one to teach us how to bake cookies.
  • All those clown/Christmas costumes she made for us.
  • The way she twists her hair when she is giving the girls devotions.

Uncle Josue

  • The way he is the only adult you can tease and mess with and not get into trouble. (…normally…)
  • The way he always bothers Florence and my sisters. “Osea, pero que fresa!” one of his favorites!
  • How it always sounds like he has asthma when he is reading us devotions.
  • How he is one of the best clowns ever!


  • His deep/hilarious laugh “uhehehehe”
  • The way he smiles sorta crookedly and laughs once when he is nervous.
  • His completely round face when he was a little boy.
  • How he sometimes stutters on his words, and is sooooo good in Mathematics….sigh…..
  • The way he can take almost forever, but can receive very good prophecies.


  • Okay, so there is hardly any words to describe this guy….. though maybe “crazy” will do……..
  • How he can just talk, and talk, and talk, and talk, and talk, and talk…..about nothing, double speed!
  • His corny jokes that he thinks are absolutely hilarious
  • His ENORMOUS smile he gives you when he knows and you know he has been, in a way to put it, “naughty”
  • How he can dance so cool.
  • How almost every day wears the same black durak he loves so much to wear…..


  • How she can be so sweet.
  • How she sucks her lower lip in and tilts her head forward when she is embarrassed.
  • The way she can dance really good and preform good too, remembering all of the steps just needing that extra movement….(hmmm…..sounds like someone I know, right MISTY??)
  • How she can talk hours on end with Natalie Jones, laughing half of the time!


  • How he started calling me “Mommy” when he was little. So much in fact that I had to ask him not to call me that anymore since he was doing it even in public places…..yeah, for a 13 year old, thaaat didn’t look to good….
  • How he seems to never grow!
  • The way you really want to give him your attention when he is talking to you…………for sooooooo long, sometimes about nothing, like explaining you what happened in a movie… already told him you saw!
  • Which makes you think, “Thank GOD he is not a woman, just imagine how much he would talk then!”
  • How I think he is the best little clown ever! “P-a-ya-s-i-t-o Chi-qui-tin!”

So here it is fellas! A toast and hurrah for all these dear folks I have been living with these past ten years in Juarez, you really deserve it! Thanks for sticking though our poor little, dry, ugly yet beautiful Juarez home! Memories of you guys will stay with me forever, and I want to thank you for making them happen and letting them stay with me. Love ya! :*


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14 Responses to Memories……

  1. Flo says:

    Ha ha,lol! y
    You really did describe elena good like remember(well of course you remember it was just yestarday!) for victorias quincernia when we got soooo freaked out when you couldnt find your bag that had your camera in it and we were asking everybody then misty just askes elena if she saw it somewere and she said yes. Then she asked where she put it, Then she answered very matter of factly, its on your lap!she was like DUH!then we all were laughing exept for uncle steven who really likes his camera….hehe

  2. 2wildwindyheart says:

    Yeah, was that something!

  3. Flo says:

    and dont make fun of my lisp okkkk??hehe jk…….

  4. Flo says:

    i got an idea. Well not to be a copycat or anything but my mom should put memories of you guys………hmmm…..

  5. Flo says:

    in her blog i mean.

  6. 2wildwindyheart says:

    What about your lips?

  7. 2wildwindyheart says:

    Yes you should! Don’t worry I wont feel bad, cuz after all, you ARE using MY IDEA! ha!

  8. 2wildwindyheart says:

    I’ll make history!

  9. Flo says:

    i said lisppp…you know you make fun of how i talk with the s and stuff differently?………….you know a lisp…………dont you?……..

  10. 2wildwindyheart says:

    aaaaahhhhh, THAT!!!
    …no I don’t………

  11. Flo says:

    …………………………………………………………………………………………look it up………………………

  12. WIndy says:

    Gosh! FINE!

  13. Flo says:

    Good thanks your looking it up, it saved me the trouble of explaining it…meh…

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