Whoa! Check this out!

This is something I found in the internet which I thought was really interesting!

Beauties and beasts

Today a Facebook friend posted an article published in the newspaper El Universal, of Mexico, which beyond amazing me simply destroyed all that women have thought to be for years. This was the title: “Men’s intelligence reduces before beautiful women” study.” Obviously I could not stop reading it.

Therefore yes, ladies and young ladies… reportedly men act like Neanderthals/Cave men (temporarily in a way) when they find themselves face to face with a beautiful woman. Research published in Journal of experimental and social Psychology, showed that the performance of those men who took mental tests minutes after being in the company of beautiful women was worse than of those who spoke with women who were found none attractive.

According to the specialists the reason for this may be that “men used a large percentage of their brain functions to impress a beautiful woman, which means that that leaves them with very few functions left for any other simple task” says the brief note.

This left me thinking… Should we women choose to be with an intelligent man and be ugly or be with one that we would call “basic” and be really beautiful? For me there is not a lot to think about, I would rather be ugly and be with an intelligent man, but then that means that if he can do the test completely coherent I am not attractive at all to him! What a dilemma!

Then again, it may not work so… maybe we do have to be beautiful to leave men completely out of their wits and thus be able to disarm them completely. Then I suppose… with the inevitably day by day relationship he can recover his brains little by little.

Of course there are those who never recover from it and it is perhaps why you find out of stories of men who lose everything because of a beautiful woman, from the family to the portfolio.

Girls, ultimately the good news is that “the same test was repeated with a group of women and their results were the same regardless of whether they had spoken with “men or women.” So here we have the pan for the mango as commonly said. We are functional regardless of whom we speak with.

What do you think? Do you believe this to be true? Do you know a man on which a beautiful woman has this effect on?

Hahaha, well, what do you know girls!? We actually take men out of their wits! hahah score!


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4 Responses to Whoa! Check this out!

  1. Stephanie says:

    Ahahah! This will be recorded in my memory bank…interesting indeed! So we girls are just smart through it all + knockouts 😛

  2. 2wildwindyheart says:

    I know….gooooooo girls!!!

  3. Kwan says:

    haha interesting well who can blame the men folk. I Kwan ( puts hand on Bible and says)speak on the behalf of my fellow men” thats how God made us I was going through some verses and guess what the first commandment to Adam and Eve was…. “be fruitful and multiply..” so it would be all wrong if a guy past the test with a attractive girl it would be against nature ( well it did do against nature that’s why we have the “third sex” and Satan uses it against God!!) and yes we men or boys have to appreciate the girls for their effort of getting all nice and pretty cus if we don’t then whats the use of even keeping your self clean??!?!) i think i’ve said too much ( Kwan stop your chatter box!!!) anyway great post (clap clap!!)

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