I am soooooo happy!

Yes, that’s right! Ummm, you remember in an older post I said that I would have to start from 9th grade AGAIN? Well, no more! Yay! My parents decided to try my luck at 10th grade CLE and I have been doing just fine! TTL!

Well, the only books I have to do in 9th grade are math and English because 9th grade Math is Algebra One and 11th grade is Algebra Two, soooo I sorta need to learn algebra to pass High School.

In English there is only five books in 9th and 10th grades (instead of the normal 10) and they are together so I need to do 9th, though that is not a problem for me, I LOVE  Language Arts! I understand it and it understands me….. I wish I could say the same for math though….ugh! Just not a math person!

So far Social Studies and Science have been very easy as well!

So yeah, that is why I am happy!


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5 Responses to I am soooooo happy!

  1. Meg says:

    Just like me!!! I love Language arts!! (and it loves me back!) but math…gah I hate it! I don’t get a thing..I won’t be surprised if I flunk my math test…eeek!
    But one bad thing about Language Arts…I’m doing 10th grade (CLE) and I’m on Biography….ewww I hate it! The Poem one and the short stories were bad enough…I like Language Arts when it’s just the “verbs””Noun”and thos kinda ones…not when u have to read and read something that is so not interesting to me and answere the questions…not my type of fun…but besides that Language Arts is pretty cool!

  2. 2wildwindyheart says:

    Hahaha, I know right? Especially all that algebra stuff! Aaaaaa little confusing! I don’t know, so far I love all that comes with language arts…….. so far……

  3. Flo says:

    Ah!not me i really dont like language arts and i am much better in other subjects….well its not that bad but the diagraming is……….

  4. Kwan says:

    Hey,hey,hey you do CLE too?? I’m going fine in all subjects i really have no personal dislike for math time flies for the other subjects, hey if I can give you a hand,I’d be happy to assist you!!

  5. Oh, it’s okay, I get it just that it just fries my brain, all the repetition and stuff. I’m good, just that it can get a little boring and same ol’ same ol’ type of thing.

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