Moving!?!?!? Eeeeeek!

Yep, after 10 looooooooooooooooong years of living in dear Ciudad Juarez we are finally moving! Where to? To the beautiful city of Cuernavaca! well, its suposta be anyway…….

Pretty far fetched and hard to believe huh? Tadaaa! That is why we are in the era of change amen?

We are going to have to go through some SERIOUS packing, and just yesterday it took us all day to sort through our old toys! (not a prob for me anymore but you should have seen the faces of my sisters!) Yah, cuz they can only take one box of toys, (“one” meaning a big one of two more, haha) leme tell ya, I had no IDEA how many toys we had! Seriously, we are probably even going to have a garage sale with all our stuff we are going to have to forsake! Not a bad idea though….. 😀

I have like, this serious problem though, or either I have too many clothes or I need a biger suitcase ……. um, I think I need a bigger suitcase……..

And today we were supposed to go through a shelf that is almost completely stuffed with puzzles and games, 98% of the puzzles being Sunny’s and she didn’t forsake any! Not even ONE! Her excuse: Well in the other house there is going to be lots of space so I can just make them and then hang them on the wall….” heh, good luck on that one!

Oh, and speaking of the house, that place is MASSIVE!  oh, and did I mention the house has plants and trees? TREES!!! And it is GREEN! Over here you struggle your guts out trying to make something grow and over there you could probably spit some apple seeds out when you are having your snack and a few weeks later you have a little apple tree growing! haha Besides that it also has a POOL, TRAMPOLINE and a TENNIS COURT! Talk about a change man!


Vac. Mex 270

Me, checking out my fingernails.. but don’t get distracted with me or with my mom’s sexy back! heee Check out the background!


Vac. Mex 273

Whohohooo! Get a load of this place!


Vac. Mex 275

One of the purdy flowers growing around….


Vac. Mex 282

Me in one of the domes that are around.

I would post a video of the home but the only problem is that is costs MONEY to upgrade it so that you can post videos…. something that I really don’t have Grrrrrrrrr! So you’ll just have to bear with me and be content with just the pics, okay?

The people in the home seem pretty nice, the only bad thing though is that MOST of them are all older people…. *sigh* but hey! Lots to learn from their experiences. Also uncle Fisher lives in that home so we are talking about learning some heavy duty guitar here! Oh, and they also have a piano and a violin! Pretty neat huh? They also have this super nice golden retriever who is soooo cute…and…big. My best wishes to dear fluffy, ol’ pal!

Another good news is that there are a few young people there and also some teens and Oc’s which would be 16 year old Francis, almost 14 year old Leina,11 year old Cielito, 10 year old half Russian boy, a toddler and a baby! yay!

Oh, and also there will be more fellowship since we are only 1 hour from Mexico City and there are also two other homes in Cuernavaca, pretty cool huh? And that is nothing yet! Wait till you hear this! …. We are only 6 hours from ACAPULCO baby!!! Beach time, oh yeah!!! At least for me that is something major, considering I haven’t gone to a beach since I was 4! And Not just any beach, but Acapulco! TYJ!!!!


Lots has been happening here lately, besides our move. Like for example, now some of the kids here in the home, Esteban, Angel, Natalie, Johnathan, and for now, Misty, have been going to regular school.

I pity them, I really do, seeing all the homework they do is just…. yikes!  Then again, look who is talking!

Yeah,I am a little angry right now because literally I should be in 10th grade BUUUUUT because I did my middle school (7th, 8th and 9th grades) in spanish I have to start in 9th grade in English because, number one: that is when high school starts for them, and number two: there are things that I need to know that I don’t know about English literature, math, science and stuff that they teach in 9th grade that you need to know for all the other grades if you are changing from Spanish to English! (Oookay! Long sentence!) …..And…. it will be… with…. CLE…. GULP!!! Just thinking of all those books makes me……. um… better stay on the positive side!…. Okay so if at least I am smart I can advance berry, berry fast!! hehe    Then again …. just who knows how long till I get em books! Okay, positive, positive…..

Oh yeah, and also I really have to hustle bustle and finish learning how to drive, and fast, so I can get my license and help daddy on the road!

Well, I gota’ go now, prayer time and beddy bye! See ya!

hugs and kisses….



Thinking about it, yeah, I am going to miss Ciudad Juarez


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