Our vacations in Mexico City!

Yeah, I know…. I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry! I haven’t posted in AGES but we have been very busy traveling and these past few days there has been no Internet in the house we are staying in….argghhh!

These vacations have been pretty fun! We went to Mexico City and stayed at my uncle’s house for a fun stay, hehe, he took us out for a little tour and ice cream. A few days later they took us to the Chapultepec park and  Zoo. They also took us for a fun day at the famous Chapultepec Castle which the Lord supplied a free entrance for.  PLT!

Like about a day before we left, we were invited to this little party at another home in Mexico City where we did a few games, it was lots of fun…. even though I was the only one my age…..

But anyway, here are a few pictures…… I do hope you haven’t seen my cousins blog yet………..

MEX DF 023

The girls!

MEX DF 025

And here are all the cousins in our family, 12 in total!


MEX DF 048

Our family in the Chapultepec park, ready to go to the Zoo!


MEX DF 061

This area in the Zoo is called a “Mariposario” which is this big humid room where they raise butterflies!


MEX DF 065



MEX DF 054

Misty trying to catch a butterfly….


MEX DF 074

“Hi everybody, my name is Lazy Leopard!”


MEX DF 075

Umm…yeah….. I had to be the weirdo….


MEX DF 087

Nobody mess with grandpa!


MEX DF 092

Awww such cuteness!


MEX DF 096

Pfft, okay so Misty jus HAD to be in the picture…. 😀


MEX DF 120

MEX DF 122

MEX DF 121

Being silly…. this time, not alone!


MEX DF 125

Yay! The family! Doesn’t get better than that!


MEX DF 132

The whole gang at the party!


MEX DF 133

Geesh… thanks Misty and Nash…..

MEX DF 137

MEX DF 129 _3__0001

Here we are trying not to have the bandana on our heads when the music goes off


MEX DF 129_0001Playing to the rhythm of the music…


MEX DF 141

I am just… so strong you know…..


And here are some pictures of when we went to the Chapultepec castle.

Vac. Mex 006Outside of the castle


Vac. Mex 035

Man, did these people eat in style!


And here is a keeper!

Vac. Mex 076

Here we are with a nekid tatue! I mean, who ever knew there were rappers in those days? haha


Vac. Mex 039Nihice stairway…! I mean, can’t they do some like that these days?


Vac. Mex 074



Vac. Mex 100

Our family with the Castillo del Chapultepec as our background.

In the home of Cuernavaca we had this barbecue for Aunty Luz and Sunny’s birthday. It was soooooo yummy and we sure had a blast!

Vac. Mex 276 Za Chef!


Vac. Mex 285

Za Chef and hiz family.


Vac. Mex 272Aww love birds!


Vac. Mex 290

Birfday girls!


Vac. Mex 292

Uncle Fisher! Whohooooo


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4 Responses to Our vacations in Mexico City!

  1. Flo says:

    that icecream looks good.

  2. Nashellie says:

    Hey, thats cool we went the same day but in the afternoon…..we saw all the animals in your pictures. Although we forgot to bring the camera to the “Mariposario” so we weren’t able to take pictures…but it was fun.

  3. Kwan says:

    Oh look here are all the photos!! Hey i noticed you really like to carry people!! looks like great fun!!!

  4. Yeah, that’s just cuz I rock…:P

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