Summary notes….

Okay people, so I know I haven’t posted in like, AGES but, better late than never right? And also once you read my reasons you’ll understand a lot better!

Well, these past few weeks have been quite exciting, (notice that bold in exciting…..) as we have been singing our throats out these past three weekends, which was quite fun and fruitful! So here is a picture of our singing team…….


Also entering into the exciting category (though a little on the negative side…) is that well, as many of you may already know, someone stole my parents laptop! But hey, even then we have our trusty and never failing Romans 8:28 promise, amen? Which of course has meant that now my laptop is of much greater use and I have also been learning some patience now that the computer isn’t just “mine” anymore which is a good lesson anyway! Also entering into the exciting category for this week is that tomorrow we will be heading to…… Mexico City!!! YAY!! Which is going to be absolutely great, I mean, not seeing your cousins in YEARS and then your going to be with them for 10 days….!? Well, that’s enough to flip anyone out! heh, heh…

Hmmm, let’s see, what else?…….. I think…. that pretty much covers it…….


About Windy

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2 Responses to Summary notes….

  1. Kwan says:

    Really they just stole the laptop?!?! it must be a desperate country.. you have your own laptop? i don’t have one, i spent all my savings on a drum set well itwas the whole purpose of saving anyway!!! Nice costumes you look very…..umm perform-ish?? ok very pretty!! can’t think of anything better to say (well perform-ish was good!!)

  2. 2wildwindyheart says:

    Yeah, I do have my own laptop, yay!
    Yeah, those were like, my favorite costumes

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