A day out singing…

Oooooooh, I just got back from singing at restaurants today and….yawn… I’m sorta’ tired but I’ll pull myself to me laptop to tell you all about it! (ummm you can start sleeping now if you want to…..)

Yesterday it went pretty good and I got to witness to these two dear ladies who later received the Lord and bought two CD’s, TYJ!

A pretty awkward thing happened, (or at least for me anyway). So like, we passed to this table were there was an older couple an I didn’t even have a chance to say Hola or anything before he just blutters out, “Oh dios mio! Te pareces igualita a la esposa de Tom Cruise!” (translated into English, he said that I looked just like the wife of Tom Cruise!) I was a little surprise as this was the very first time for me to be compared with anybody before.

At first I sort of laughed it out, and I was like okaaaaay, because at first I thought he was talking about Brad Pitt ( I know, I always get confused with these actor guys) So the first thought I had was “What!?? I don’t look anything like Angelina Jolie!!!” but then it sort of sank in. Uuh, no Windy, he’s not talking of Brad Pitt. “Oh, okay.”

After that though, he bought his wife a women’s book and they congratulated our singing.

I sort of  forgot it for a while, when then suddenly, out of the blue, as I am turning from the last table, he appeared right in front of me! “Whoa!” I thought I jerked back as to not collide with him.

“Katie Holmes, that’s her name, you look just like Katie Holmes!” he exclaims.

I laughed a little bit while saying a  “Well, thanks.”  as he walked off. Turning to see Misty’s amused face, we then walked to the entrance to wait for the rest of our team.

Theeeen one of the waiters turned to the receptionist and asked her who did I look like. She answered with this funny name of some person I don’t know about, (probably some Mexican telenovela actress.)

“No, not her, Katie Holmes.” he said as he pointed to me.

The lady said a big “Ooooooh” and “Tienes razon!” I couldn’t help but laugh, and laugh hard! I couldn’t believe what big a deal this was turning into…..!

Anyway, enough for that story which will probably have me traumatized for the next week……

Today’s singing went well too and we got to eat at this super good Mexican buffet (with REAL Mexican food) which we sing at. TTL! Also today at one of the tables we went with of older people asked us if we could sing them a song. Yesterday we had the exact thing happen and since our singing had been just composed of La Bamba and Dejame Mirar, we were sort of stuck till uncle Josue asked me if I could sing to them the song of Que lindo.

Along with Misty helping me to sing and auntie Sarah playing along the guitar with me, it came out pretty good, so at least today we were prepared. They absolutely loved it and the lady had tears in her eyes as we finished, and the other three men were really paying attention to the words, so thank the Lord!

It was very fun and fruitfull, and we will be doing it the next week too……

See ya!!


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One Response to A day out singing…

  1. Kwan says:

    You guys sing in restaurants?? not only at Christmas? We only sing and dance for ctps and drug programs. but not in restaurants.Well things are different i guess!!

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